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Last updated: May 4, 2019

Hailey Sonnett 11/8/171st hour Zeus Red Mountain Paragraph Zeus was the most powerful god in Greek Mythology, being the head god at Mount Olympus. In Greek Mythology, the god Zeus is mostly bad because Zeus had many affairs while he was married, and how severe is punishments were for people who do something bad.

Firstly, Cartwright states that “…then married to Hera, Zeus was infamous for his adulterous affairs… He, therefore, had many offspring.” (Cartwright, 2). It is important to consider that sense Zeus had many affairs and offspring’s’ while still married to Hera, he is mostly bad.

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Secondly, Cartwright writes that “Sisyphus, punished for his trickery, was condemned to forever roll a huge stone up a hill in the underworld.” (Cartwright 4). This is a valuable point because he has done this sort of horrible things to many other people, which makes him a bad god and shouldn’t be the head god on Mount Olympus.

While it is clear that Zeus is mostly bad, some people believe that he is good because he saved his siblings from Cronus (Cartwright 1). However, his siblings then turned on him and tried to takeover Zeus’ role as head of Mount Olympus and bound him to his bed (Cartwright 2). These are some examples why Zeus is a bad god and shouldn’t be the head god on Mount Olympus.


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