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JAYESH JAMANG(Faculty Guide)Dr. TEJAS PATALIA(Head Of Department)Academic Year (2017-2018)V. V. P. ENGINEERING COLLEGE – RAJKOTCOMPUTER ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT2017-2018CERTIFICATEThis is to certify that the dissertation entitled “TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT SYSTEM” has been carried out by DHARA SOLANKI under my guidance in fulfillment in subject DESIGN ENGINEERING-I of the degree of Bachelor of Engineering in COMPUTER Engineering Branch 1st Semester of Gujarat Technological University, Ahmadabad during the academic year 2016-2017.DATE:PROF.

JAYESH JAMANG (guide) CONTENT IntroductionAEIOU FrameworkMind MapEmpathy Mapping CanvasIdeation CanvasProduct Development CanvasLNM canvasRough PrototypeConclusion Introduction In modern world, vehicle user increases largely. As the vehicle count increases the traffic also gets rises. By this effect, we can see a lot of road accidents. To rescue the victims, several problems have to be faced by the ambulance because of traffic problems. The main objective of this project is to rescue the victims as soon as possible by escaping the ambulance from the traffic congestion by controlling the traffic signal from the ambulance without affecting other vehicles. Since we proposed the solution based on automatic control, vehicle users will not get any confusion.

This project can be used in the retrackable spikes before the zebra crossing that comes out when the traffic signal is red and goes off when the traffic signal turns to green. This is an innovative idea mainly to avoid congestion and rescue the ambulance. AEIOU Framework1.ACTIVITIES CANVAS DETAILS Activities canvas involves questions like where activities are going through? who makes what activity? What are the elements through which activities are going? And so on.

There are some observations regarding above questions for this project. General impressions/observations:- automatic parking system, improve road system, no awareness about traffic signals, traffic management, time waste due to the traffic. 2.ENVIRONMENT CANVAS DETAILSIn Environment canvas we focus on situations/circumstances in which different activities are going through. Questions for this thing like what are the situations for activity? In what situation activity complete or not complete? which are the elements for different atmosphere? And so on. Elements, features, special notes:- . system is not automated, LPG AND CNG vehicles, stray animals on the road. 3.

INTERACTION CANVAS DETAILSInteraction canvas involves different types of conversations among different people. Some questions like who is communicating with whom? What types of conversations are going through, in which manner people are communicating with each other? and so on. General impressions/observations (who is interacting with whom, what?):- people, traffic policemen, camera treaker, observer. Elements, features, special notes:- smart sencing cameras , timers , signals. 4.OBJECTS CANVAS DETAILS Objects canvas involves all the things that are used in all the activities, in all the situations, in all the interactions.

Questions like which components are involved in all the activities? Which components are used in different situations? and so on. General impressions/ observations (what components are involved?) :- Operating System , Computer/Laptop , Server , spikes , sensers . Elements, features, special notes (how objects are relating to the activities?):- camera-to capture the image of vehicles.policemen leading control traffic , spikes- through this stop vehicles. 5.USERS CANVAS DETAILS Users canvas involves all the users that are use things for doing activities, interactions, etc. Questions like who is present, theirs roles; responsibilities? Who are involve in using which thing? Etc. General impression /observation (who is present roles and responsibilities):- follow the instructions of traffice police.

Elements, features and special notes:- people , drivers, traffice police.Mind Mapping:- Empathy mapping canvasThis empathy mapping canvas is involves users, stack holders, activities done by them and two happy and two sad stories related to users. Users:- all public of city. Stackholder:- drivers of vehicles.Activities:- observation , verification , control trafficStory Boarding:- Happy:-we don`t need guards for controlling traffic system .

so it is more accurate.Sad:-some policemen lost their jobs . that`s why unemployeement will also be there.

EMPATHY MAPPING CANVASIdeation CanvasIdeation canvas involves people who use this project in their life, for better outcome of their requirement and also it involves their activities, some situations when work is not properly done, and possible solutions of their problems. People:- traffic police , local public , maintenence staff , drivers.Activities:- giving signals, control traffic.Situations:- foogy situation , rainy season.

Props/possible Solutions:- GPS tracker , low maintenence , control traffic.Product Development Canvas:- Purpose:- control traffic , save the time.Product Experience:- damage in vehices, less time consuming . People:- drivers , local public.Product function:- prevent the breaking of traffic rules. Components:- laptop , cameras , spikes. Customer Revalidation:-need security.Reject, Redesign, Retain:-the sudden stop part.

Feedback Analysis With Users :-DRIVERS:-very useful app and device for us. It will help to control traffic , Loved it. TRAFFFIC POLICE:- Its very useful to control traffic without help of traffic policeLNM CANVAS:- . The Group needs to make LNM and include it in their report. It should include:1.

Theories/ Methods/ Application Process Involved/ Mathematical Requirement2.Applicable Standards and Design Specifications/ Principles ; Experiments3.Software/ Tools/ Simulation Methods/ Skills required4.Components Materials’ & strengths criteria (Exploration-varieties/testingrequirements)It should also include briefly what has been learnt by each member of the Group, in the words of that member and all the references used by the member. Prototype Model:CONCLUSIONThis project is used to reduce the major accidents in traffic areas and to control the traffic systematically. In addition it also reduces the work of traffic police mans.


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