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Last updated: February 28, 2019

Guest cycle: The guest cycle usually describes the four stages: pre- arrival, arrival, occupancy and departure.

The above cycle is described below:1. Pre-Arrival: It is the first level of guest cycle in which guest takes some steps to visit the hotel the hotel on the specific date by visiting the web site or by the help of travel agents. Sometimes guest also directly call in the hotel or go directly to the hotel.2. Arrival: This is the second level of guest cycle which can also be said post arrival . Here guest is assisted from the door step is the room and he has to undergo some process.3.

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Occupancy: In the third level of guest cycle an account is mentioned under the guest name until the guest check out from the hotel for the also service which are used by the guest during the stay.4. Departure: It is the final stage of the guest cycle in which the guest is about to level the hotel and has to undergo a certain process such as clearing bills on the day of departure.2. Describing the guest cycle with the opera property management system.

Opera property management system: it is one of the latest software uses in the hospitality industry at large extent. This software helps to do work faster and in accurate manner.1. Pre-arrival: Reservation screenReservation :- In this hotel confirm the guest that rooms are available on the specified dates and the guest can the room for reservation .

Rate of query screenInquiry: – Is it done by the guest to confirm whether the required room is available on the specific days.? To think about length of stay.( arrival date and departure date)? To know the visitor needs and needs.? To think about the visitor data and method of installment.? Rate of the room and the office gave in the rooms and sorts of rooms whether select ,predominant or suite.

, Rate list screenThe above figure shows the rate list of types of rooms and others facilities for others rates. Purpose: the main purpose of the above screen is to clearly know about the vacant rooms available according to their types and rates with amenities provided.2.

Arrival: from figure Athere are some rooms which shows the arrival list deluxe 105, 107 and 113 because the guests from 107 and 113 are going to pick up by the hotel and 105 is expected arrival so it reserve for him.Purpose: during arrival the guest is going to check-in the hotel and a profile is created in the system which shows that the guest is new arrival or second visit or regular one. Reservation screenPurpose: For the reservation different information’s are required like name, age, sex, nationality, how many members are there, how many nights to stay. After this the room is planned for the guest.

Room plan list Purpose: This list helps to find the vacant clean, occupied, dirty and out of order rooms. Confirmation screenAfter all the procedure now the visitor account is open in the hotel and kept up until his registration.Presently the front office division hand over the keys to the visitor.

3. Occupancy: After handling the keys is room is occupied and the visitor currently can appreciate the offices like money trade, transport offices.? There are such rooms which are processed by the visitor are deluxe: 102, 103, 105, 106, 107, 117, 119 Running billing accountPurpose: to maintain the guest eatable and drinking things rates in his or her account.To maintain the guest needs and wants things rates until the departure.

4. Departure: This is the last stage of the cycle however the cycle is not closes here as it again proceeds with the new visitor. During departure the guest have to settle the bill which used during his stay.According to the appendix A there are some rooms which are vacant dirty which means the guest already departed from the hotel.

The room numbers are: 101, 109, 111, 115. The figure shows the final settlement of the guest. Purpose: to close the account of the guest.To clear the bill by the guest by different modes of payment like credit, debit or cash.After clearing the bill, the baggage is taking care by bell boy to and the drop off facilities like transportation and the figure shows the final settlement of the guest account after clearing this the guest can checkout easily.Note: This cycle repeats again with repeated, regular or with new guests and the front office department always ready to making different lists like pre-arrival, arrival, occupied and departure list with the help of this software.


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