GS115 Ethics, Creativity and the Self
Mr. Holgate

Name: Christon Forbes
ID Number: 4171047


The police force, a body of trained officers entrusted by a government with maintenance of public peace and order, enforcement of laws, and prevention and detection of crime. (

In society, people will classify “The Police Force” as persons with high power. The police however have enough power to change someone’s life in many ways. In other views the police are classified, as persons that would put their lives in danger to protect you. In many scenarios police officers lost/risk their lives protecting people. One of the biggest assumptions/opinions made by persons would be that the police force is a very racist society/organization. Many cases of a police officer(s) killing/arresting/racial behaviour on someone, because of their ethnicity has been proven countless times. This can be classified as the highest assumption(s) made by persons.

The police force can be called as the dominant group, meaning the group with power or one that establishes control. Some trust the police with this power, most people don’t. That’s the current state with the influence of the police force on people.

The police force serves many purposes, but he main tasks that are expected is to protect/fight crimes. However, these tasks are not always performed according to the people and situations that happened already.
In the field of working as an officer, a regular task