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Last updated: February 17, 2019

Growth of research addressing the relationship between culture and consumption is exponential Ogden D., Ogden J. and Schau HJ. Exploring the impact of culture and acculturation on consumer purchase decisions: toward a microcultural perspective. Academy Marketing Science Review 2004;3.

. However culture is an elusive concept posing considerable difficulties for cross-cultural research Clark T. International Marketing and national character: A review and proposal for an integrative theory.

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Journal of Marketing 1990; Oct.: 66–79.; Dawar N., Parker P. and Price L. A cross-cultural study of interpersonal information exchange. Journal of International Business Studies 1996; 27(3): 497–516.; Manrai L.

and Manrai A. Current issues in the cross-cultural and cross-national consumer research. Journal of International Consumer Marketing 1996; 8 (3/4): 9–22.; McCort D. and Malhotra NK. Culture and consumer behavior: Toward an understanding of cross-cultural consumer behavior in International Marketing.

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Journal of International Business Studies 1999; 30 (4): 781–98.. This article examines different approaches to conceptualising and operationalizing culture in marketing studies. The article discusses the advantages of using cultural dimensions — in particular Hofstede’s values. The article proposes a three-step approach to operationalize culture including nationality, Hofstede’s cultural dimensions and measuring culture at the individual level.


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