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Last updated: March 22, 2019

Growth mindset and a fixed mindset are two different things. People with a growth mindset embrace feedback and use it to help them. Some people have a fixed mindset which when they are criticized they ignore it and move on. I think growth mindset believes in what you are saying even if it might be wrong. If it is wrong you should find your mistake and figure out how to correct.
A growth mindset is like trying to get a reward that is on the other side of a ravine. You would have to think of how to get to the other side. People with a growth mindset can figure by using their prior knowledge and watching from other people succeed. People like Michael Jordan and Thomas Edison have growth mindsets. Michael Jordan did not believe he could be good at basketball, but he practiced every day and soon he became the greatest basketball player of all-time.
One time I demonstrated growth mindset was when we had this super hard test on systems of equations. I did not know how to do any of the equations. Instead, of giving up I went into math class to study how to do the equations. I did this until the day of the test. On the test date, I understood the questions and I got a great grade. That day was one of the many times I should growth mindset.
As a person, I grew from this incident. I learned that I do not know everything. Also, I figured out that you have to study to do good at anything and that intelligence is not static. Like any other muscle in your body, you can grow your brain from understanding only one small thing to knowing a lot about many different subjects. I also learned that you need to have tenacity while learning something new.
I believe that when people have a growth mindset they embrace challenges. The effort is a path of mastery. You can learn how to have a growth mindset. Learning is not static it can be developed. Everyone can have a growth mindset. You can learn anything you focus. I believe growth mindset is way better than a fixed mindset.


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