Topic: Health & Medicine

Last updated: March 20, 2019

Growing up among an educated family was a great motivation to find my position in life and establish my own dreams. During my high school education, I started searching for undergraduate programs that matched my personality and interests. After a long journey of searching, I decided to study a major that focuses mainly on health science in order to help people to stay safe and healthy. When I imaged how a small pill can switch people’s lives from hell to heaven, it motivated me to learn more about scientific processes to facilitate these transformations. Once I received my Pharm-D degree from Taif University, I determined to obtain a Master’s degree in the U.S in Clinical and Experimental Therapeutics.
Why pharmacology? Drug discovery and development are strongly dictated and determined by pharmacology. Furthermore, pharmacology is the gold critical for clinical therapeutics and the big umbrella for the pharmacy major as well. Not to mention, as an undergraduate student, I heavily exposed and emphasized on establishing a deep strong essential background knowledge in pharmaceutical analysis, biochemistry, medicinal chemistry and physiology all of which are required to specialize in pharmacology and toxicology at the graduate level. As a mater of fact that the pharmacology plays enormous role in treating either a disease or disorder.


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