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Outcomes Classify basic structure of electrical power systems. Construct a model of common electrical power system. Discuss alternative technology to generate electricity in power system. task What is Power System A power system is network which deal with the generation, distribution, transmission and utilization of electric power, electrical power and devices connected to the system including generators and transformers. Electricity generation is the first process in the delivery of electricity to consumer. To generate electricity, one of the essential components of power system is three-phase ac generator known as synchronous generator or alternator. The generator can generate high power at high voltage level.

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The size of generators can vary from 50MW to 1500MW. The mechanical power may be hydraulic, stream or gas turbines. For stream or gas turbines, mechanical power operates at high speed. However, for hydraulic turbine, it operates at low pressure and low speed.

1 A transformer is used to transfer power with high efficiency from one level of voltage to another level. Since there is no rotating or moving part therefore the transformer is a static device. For long distances power transmission, step up transformers are used to increase the voltage level while step down transformers are used to reduce the voltage to suitable values. Transformer can be in single phase and three phase transformers. Single phase transformer A transformer is a magnetically operated machine.

All values of a transformer are proportional to its turn ratio. The primary winding is connected to the incoming power supply. The secondary winding is connected to the driven load. Single phase transformer is an isolation transformer.

The secondary winding is generally isolated from the primary winding. The two windings of an isolation transformer are linked together by the magnetic field. The isolation transformer greatly reduces voltage spikes. Each set of windings (primary and secondary) is formed from loops of wire wrapped around the core. Each loop of wire is called a turn. The ratio of the primary and secondary voltages is determined by the ratio of the number of turns in the primary and secondary windings. The volts-per-turn ratio is the same on both the primary and secondary windings. Three-phase transformer A three-phase transformer is constructed by winding three single-phase transformers on a single core.

Three-phase transformers are connected in either wye or delta configurations. Two or three single-phase transformers can be connected to deliver three-phase power. This is referred to as a transformer bank. This allows greater maintenance and replacement options. The primary (input) side of a three-phase transformer can be connected in a wye or delta configuration. The secondary (output) side of a three-phase transformer can also be connected in a wye or delta configuration.

Primary and Secondary Connections only allows four basic connection patterns that are Wye-Wye, Delta-Delta, Wye-Delta, Delta-Wye connections.2 The transmission lines are used to transfer electric energy from the generating units at various locations to the distribution system. The transmission network usually has mesh structure in order to provide many possible routes for electrical power to flow from individual generators to individual consumers there by improving the flexibility and reliability of the system.

In Malaysia, transmission voltages are standardized at 66kV, 132kV, 275kV and 500kV line-to-line. High voltage transmission lines are terminated in substations called high-voltage substations, receiving substations or primary substations. Functions of substations is switching circuits in and out of the services referred to switching stations. Besides, there are also consist sub transmission which the portion of the transmission system connect high voltage substations through step down transformers to distribution substations. When a power system expands with the addition of new, high voltage transmission lines some of the older, lower voltage lines may become part of the sub transmission network. Typical sub transmission voltage level ranges from 66kV to 132kV. Substation Electric power substation is a combination of equipment in a power system through which electrical energy is passed for transmission, distribution, interconnection, transformation, conversion, or switching.

Generally, the function of the substation is used for following purpose connection of generation, transmission or distribution lines, and load to each other, transformation of power from one voltage level to another, interconnection of alternate sources of power, switching for alternate connection and isolation of failed or overloaded line and equipment, controlling system voltage and power flow, reactive power compensation, suppression of overvoltage, and detection of fault, monitoring, recording of information, power measurements, and remote communications. There are four types of substation Step-up transmission substation A step-up power transmission substation receives electric power from a nearby generating facility and uses a large power transformer to increase the voltage for transmission to distant locations. A transmission bus is used to distribute electric power to one or more transmission lines. There can be also a tap on the incoming power feed from the generation plant to provide electric power to operate equipment in the generation plant.

Step-down transmission substation Step-down transmission substations are located at the switching point in an electrical grid. They connect different parts of a grid and are a source for sub-transmission lines or distribution lines. The step-down substation can change the transmission voltage to a sub-transmission voltage, usually 69kV.

The sub-transmission voltage lines can be served as a source to distribute substations. Sometimes, power is tapped from the substation line for use in an industrial facility along the way. Otherwise the power goes to a distribution substation. Distribution substation Distribution substations are located near to the end-users.

Distribution substation changes the transmission or sub-transmission voltage to low levels for use by end user. Typical distribution voltages vary from 34,500y/19,920 volts to 4,160y/2400 volts. 34,500y/19,920 volts are interpreted as a three-phase circuit with a grounded neutral source. This would have three high-voltage conductors or wires and one grounded neutral conductor, a total of four wires.

The total voltage between the three- phase conductor or wired would be 34,500 volts and the voltage between one phase conductor and the neutral ground would be 19,920 volts. Underground distribution substation Underground distribution substations are also known located near to the end-users. Distribution substation transformers change the sub-transmission voltage to lower levels for use by end-users. Typical distribution voltages vary from 34,500y/19,920 volts to 4,160y/2400 volts. An underground system consists of Conduits, Duct Run, Manholes, High-Voltage Underground Cable, Transformer vault, Riser and Transformer. Switch The switch for the power plant is the combination of the disconnect switches, fuses or circuit breakers.

This component is used to control, protect, and isolated the electrical equipment to de-energize the equipment to done the work and clear faults downstream. This is directly connect to the power supply. Switch in substations are located on both the high and low voltage sides of the large power transformers. The switch on the low voltage is located in the building with medium voltage circuit breakers of distribution circuits, along with metering, control and protecting equipment. The switch in power plant have two components which are power conducting components that conduct or interrupt the flow of electric power such as switches circuit breakers, fuses, and lightning arrestors.

The next one is the control system that monitor, control, and protect the power conducting components such as control panels, current transformers, potential transformer, protective relays, and associated circuitry. The function of switch in power plant is to protect the power plant for interruption of short circuit and overload fault current while maintaining service to unaffected circuits. The next function of switch also protects the circuit of power source which provided the isolation to it and enhance system available by allowing the multisource to feed a load. Relay The relay is the device design to trip a circuit breaker when a fault is is function to provide detection of abnormal operating conditions such as over current, over voltage, reverse power flow, over frequency and under frequency. Introduction of Hydropower Water power or what we call Hydropower is the electrical energy generated from falling or running water.

In worldwide, hydropower produces 24 of the worlds electricity, supplying over 1 billion people with electricity. There are two water cycles involved in the generation of electricity. One water cycle is the natural cycle and the other is inside the hydropower station.

3 1)Water cycle in nature On earth, we have water that cover 70 surface of the earth and Sun is above them all. Due to solar energy the surface of the rivers and oceans get heated due to which the water on the surface evaporates. The evaporated water vapours move towards the upper layers of the atmosphere where they form the clouds. Upon precipitation of clouds rain occurs. Due to heavy rains large quantities of water flows through various parts of the earth in the forms of streams, channels and rivers.

All the water from rivers is collected back to the oceans, where evaporation of water occurs again. All these are seasonal processes with evaporation occurring mainly during the hot seasons, and rain falling during rainy seasons. In many geographical areas evaporation of water and rain can occur even during short periods like within days. 2)Water cycle in the hydraulic power plant The water in rivers process two types of energies kinetic energy and potential energy. The energy of water due to its motion is called as kinetic energy. The energy of water due to its high level is called as potential energy.

Depending on the type of hydraulic power plants kinetic and/or potential energy of water is used to generate electricity. Basic Working Principle of Hydropower Figure shown the basic hydropower plant diagram The power of the hydropower plant is generated by water, by using the gravitational force and kinetic energy when it flows or fall from a high ground. The water will move from a high elevation point to a low elevation point through a large pipe/penstock. A turbine set at the end of the penstock and the water flow in will spin the turbine that connects with the generator.

Finally, the generator will charge and produces electricity. The water at the high elevation point will have the potential energy and change to kinetic energy when the water moves to low elevation, then the turbine will move and converting kinetic energy to mechanical energy and lastly produces electric energy. The hydropower plant will have various components in generating electrical energy. The major component of the power plant is Dam Dam must build on a large river with large quantity of water throughout the year. The dam should build on a location with height of river that sufficient to get maximum potential energy from water flow. Water Reservoir Water reservoir is where the water store and it should be located higher than other component of dam structure. Inlet Gates Inlet gates are where the water passes through when the reservoir is release.

Fore bay The water from the reservoir is drawn by the fore bay through an open tunnel Penstock Penstock is the long pipe that brings the water from the dam to the turbine in the power generator. Water in penstock will possesses kinetic energy due to the waters motion, while the potential energy is due to the height of the water flow from. Water Turbine Turbine is the part connect to generator, it has blades that will rotate by the water flow through it. It will convert the kinetic and potential energy of the water flow to the rotational motion of the blade of turbine. Generator Generator is the part that collects the rotational motion of the turbine (kinetic and potential energy of the water flow) and produces the electric energy.

The alternative technology in generating electricity applicable in Malaysia that we suggest is the Hydropower. Hydropower has the main advantage which the production costs are eliminated and the hydropower plants have a higher economic lifetime, this all will save the economy costs for repair and maintain for the power plant station. Maintenance cost of such sources is very low, since the equipment is automated and no large staff require during power generation. Other than that, hydropower plant do not require any fuel to burn in order to generate the power, this make the hydropower eco-friendly and will not pollute the environment. Lastly, the location of the hydropower plant to be build can be easily find in Malaysia since our country have many rain forests that have big rivers with high position. Major hydropower plants in Malaysia are those belonging to TNB, namely the Kenyir Sultan Mahmud Power Station with 400MW installed capacity, the Pergau Hydroelectric Power Station with 600MW installed capacity and the Temenggor Hydroelectric Power Plant with 348MW installed capacity. How Hydro Power Plant Work Hydrologic cycle Hydropower energy derived from the sun, which starts the water cycle. In the water cycle, rivers are a source for continuous cycle.

Reason of the force gravity, water flows from high points to low points. There is kinetic energy embodied in the flow of water.4 Electricity generated by a hydroelectric power plant The amount of electricity can be depending on two factors Flow rate The quantity of water flowing in a given time. More quality of water flows through a turbine, more electricity produced. Flow rate depends on the size of the river and the amount of water flowing in it. Power production is directly proportional to river flow. Head The height from which the water falls.

power production is also directly proportional to head. that is, water falling twice as far will produce twice as much electricity. A standard equation Power (Head) x (Flow) x (Efficiency) 11.8 Types of Hydropower Facilities The two primary types of hydropower facilities are 1) Impoundment system (or dam) 6 2) Run-of-the-river system. A run-of-the-river system uses the rivers natural flow and requires no impoundment. It may involve a diversion of a portion of the stream through a canal or penstock, or it may involve placement of a turbine right in the stream channel.

Low head are often use in Run-of-the river systems. Low Head Plants Small dam is built across the river to provide the necessary head. The excess water can flow over the dam itself. In such plants Francis, Propeller or Kaplan types of turbines are used. The production of electricity will be less due to low head.

Medium head plants In this plant mainly water is carried through main reservoir to forebay and then to the penstock. In these plants fore bay acts as surge tank . The turbines used will be Francis type of the steel encased variety.

High head plants Mostly in these plants pressure tunnel is provided before the surge tank, which in turn connected to penstock. A pressure tunnel is taken off from the reservoir and water brought to the valve house at the start of the penstocks. The penstocks are big steel pipes which take large quantity of water from the valve house to the power house. The valve house contains main sluice gates and in addition automatic isolating valves which come into operation when the penstock bursts, cutting further supply of water. Mostly of dams Sluice gates are provided. The sluice gates are opened when dam level is below level and there is shortage water for irrigation. Normally the height of the head plants are 500 meters above and above head 500 meters Pelton wheels are used.5 ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT Benefits Environmental Benefits of Hydro 7 No operational greenhouse gas emissions Savings (kg of CO2 per MWh of electricity) Coal 1000 kg Oil 800 kg Gas 400 kg No SO2 or NOX Non-environmental benefits flood control, irrigation, transportation, fisheries and tourism.

There are four types of substation Disadvantages The loss of land under the reservoir. Interference with the transport of sediment by the dam. Problems associated with the reservoir. Climatic and seismic effects. Impact on aquatic ecosystems, flora and F REFERENCES HYPERLINK https// https//en. HYPERLINK https//

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