Topic: SociologyIdentity

Last updated: February 22, 2019

Gratification of information seeking, socializing, entertainment, status seeking and prior social media sharing experience are investigated as the antecedents that might affect the intention to share news; the results revealed that information seeking, socializing, and status seeking exerted positive influences on users’ intention to share news in social media platforms. Also, prior experience with social media was a significant determinant of news sharing intention. Gau et al. (2014) investigated various antecedents that might influence users’ intention of forwarding message in the social networking sites, such as: users’ perception toward the message, social identity and social norm. Results are found that users’ perception of message usefulness is affected by message quality and source credibility; meanwhile social norm is affected by social identity.

Moreover, message playfulness, message usefulness and social norm respectively exerted significant influences on users’ intention of forwarding message in social media.

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