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GRANGEHURST WINERY SYSTEMAuthor: Gareth TylerDate: 12 May 2015Version: 5Checker: Chante van den Berg*ALT STEPS are highlighted GreyUSE CASE NAME: Generate Supplier Report USE CASE TYPEUSE CASE ID: 9.

1 Business Requirements:PRIORITY: High System Analysis: SOURCE: Grangehurst Winery System Design: PRIMARY BUSINESS ACTOR Employee (Admin Clerk)PRIMARY SYSTEM ACTOR NoneOTHER PARTICIPATING ACTORS: NoneOTHER INTERESTED STAKEHOLDERS: OwnerDESCRIPTION:This use case describes the event where the system generates a report from the supplier information (total amount of orders placed, supplier cost, supplier credibility as well as delivery times) based on the specific time period requested by the admin clerk.PRE-CONDITION: The employee must be logged into the systemThe employee must have the correct privilege type to generate the reportThe system must have existing suppliers and transactionsTRIGGER: The admin Clerk requests to generate supplier reportTYPICAL COURSEOF EVENTS: Actor Action System ResponseStep 01: The admin Clerk requests to generate supplier report Step 02: The system prompts the admin clerk to select the supplier they wish to view the report and the supplier type for as well as select the time period to view. Select Supplier Type Criteria:BarrelsBottlesLabelsGrapesCorksStep 03: The admin clerk selects the supplier OR Supplier type and the date Step 04: The system captures the information.

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Step 05: The systems then retrieves the data base on the selected criteria and generates the report*Read From Supplier TableSupplier IDSupplier nameSupplier TypeSupplier rating*Read From SupplierOrder TableOrder IDOrder_CostDatePlacedRecevied_Order_DateCreate a new audit entry in the AdminAudit TableAdminAudit ID (Generated automatically)Audit Description (set to “View Report”)Audit Time (The time the transaction took place)Audit Date (The Date the transaction took place)Employee ID (Kept on the system when the employee logs in)Step 06: The system displays the report to the admin clerk based on the selected supplier criteria.ALTERNATE COURSES: ALT Step 05: No information could be retrieved for the specified supplier. Display error message to admin clerk.CONCLUSION: A successfully generated supplier report has been displayed to the admin clerkPOST-CONDITION: Information based on selected criteria retrieved from Supplier, Supplier_Order TableCreate new Audit entry in the AdminAudit Table.BUSINESS RULES NoneIMPLEMENTATION CONTRAINTS AND SPECIFICATIONS NoneASSUMPTIONS: NoneOPEN ISSUES: None


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