Topic: Literature

Last updated: September 19, 2019

Good literature can be considered a book that contains special characters, intriguing plots, universal themes, excellent language, and a good life lesson. A Gathering of Old Men is indeed good literature. The book has a few themes that are interesting, such as talking about the struggles that blacks had to go through during the time in which this book is set.

In addition, the special characters and the plot about who murdered Beau are actually intriguing and makes the reader think. A Gathering of Old Men has a theme about the hardships that black people faced. Throughout the novel, you can notice some things about the blacks that are different from the whites.

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For example, the blacks may have addressed whites by putting a “Mr.” or “Miss” with their names. This emphasized that in this society, white people were above the blacks, which is why they had to treat them with such high respect. In addition to the intriguing themes, this novel is good literature since the story is told in such a unique way. Each chapter is told from a different person’s perspective, which also shows how a point of view can make something seem so different.


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