Topic: EconomicsCurrency

Last updated: August 15, 2019

Good Afternoon, dear ladies and gentlemen, my name is Kristina and today we are here to discuss the issues of major concern, and I hope the issue of mine is not an exception.

What if tomorrow never comes? It might sound exaggerated, however it is actually not. Time is that what we have almost nothing of a true knowledge about. Since time immemorial humans have asked the same questions, most of which still remain unanswered. Although we claim that we are superior than other living creatures on the planet, we, in fact, haven’t achieved much in moral, philosophical and spiritual spheres, and our so called superiority is based on the idea of humankind’s intelligence, which is proved by the materialistic accomplishments of a contemporary world. Most of us, humans, have developed truly perverted notions of right and wrong, important and unnecessary. What I mean is that our insatiable beings believe in acquiring contentment via becoming financially well-off rather than living lives to their fullest. It seems nearly impossible to acknowledge that Time is the only currency we should care about.

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