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Last updated: October 20, 2019

Good Afternoon/morning my dear fellow students and teachers it is an honour to be here in front of all of you.

For those who do not know me already my name is Addison. Today I am going for principal for 2019. What? Its already taken? I guess, I will have to go for school captain then! I love giving a helping hand in all activities and jobs. Teachers have a lot of pressure to do lots of work and jobs around the school, so I believe I can take I can lift the weight off their shoulders and help them.

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I am very hardworking and very helpful in all circumstances. Teachers also must deal with disobedient children so I can help prevent that from happening by being a GREAT role model for the younger generation. I can also influence children to be respectful and kinder to others. I am also a great sport. I love to cheer people on and see the smile on their faces. It also makes them happy to succeed and feel not alone. Most of you may not know but the school I was at before this school I was SRC all the years I was there, so some might say I am a brilliant leader.

Also, I was vice captain for my house this year. I am also very kind. I do not judge others and I respect them for who they truly are.

And most importantly I am kind to others even if I dislike things they have done in the past.


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