Gods of Ancient Egypt: Amon and Ra – the sun. Anubis and Osiris are patrons of the dead, the lords of the afterlife. Apis, Ming and Khnum – fertility. Baal and Nun – water elements. Geb is the land. Horus – the sky. Ptah is the patron of art. Set is deserts. He and Khonsu are moons. Shu – the air. Religious beliefs of ancient Egyptians: 1. Representatives of the fauna Egyptians considered the embodiment of the gods and worshiped them. Everyone knows that the sacred animal of Egypt is a cat, besides this the people also raised lions, dogs, snakes, cows, crocodiles and falcons. Often, the Egyptians depicted their idols in the form of animals. 2. The cult of the Pharaoh. 3. The cult of the dead – belief in the afterlife and the “kingdom of the dead.” 4. The court of Osiris. The Egyptians believed that people who observe the will of God during their lifetime, remain in the kingdom of Osiris, sinners – get to be eaten by a monster. 5. Worship the god of the sun Ra and the river Nile. 6. Burials in the form of mummies. The Egyptians believed in the return of the soul of the deceased into the body, so they created a special technology and a whole rite to protect the body from decomposition.


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