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Last updated: January 24, 2019

GM food has gradually entered our daily life, and its problems are closely related to human health. In addition, GM crops may be broadly defined as the study of “results from the use of recombinant DNA biotechnological procedures that allow the genetic makeup of a food or organism to be altered in some way.” (Schneider et al.

, 2002) However, these crops are likely to break ecological balance and threat people’s health. So every countries make measures to supervise these foods in order to make sure its safety. Goodman et al. (2008) indicate that before GM crops is allowed to access the market, it need to experience rigorous paces to ensure whether existing potential allergenicity. With the development of technologies, GM crops is mainly used as a major source of food. In general, there are three different classifications have been investigated. Respectively, crops have boosted input character, such as an excellent insect resistance and defend environmental pressure. Second-generation crops consist of those with added-value output peculiarity which can strengthen nutrition.

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And finally is third-generation crops have an ability to produce pharmaceuticals. (Schneider et al., 2002) So these three types are the primary ways to generate GM crops which is helpful for them to foster. Furthermore, the history of GM crops have a quite long. The dangers of GM crops which people conducted many researches be traced to the mid1980s in Europe. Since the late 1980s, UK governments have harnessed committees to evaluate the issues and through many projects to address this. (Perry, 2003) 3.

Social issues3.1 Attitude The term ‘attitude’ has come to be used to refer to ”attitude as a tendency to evaluate a particular entity(the attitude object) with a certain degree of favour or disfavour.” (Lassen, 2004) At the same time, attitude is crucial to decide whether a product can succeed.

The purpose of GM is to get better crops with better yield and quality, which is more in line with human needs. However, someone who has passive attitude to face GM crops, for instance, could use perception, emotional or behavior reaction to refuse GM crops. (Frewer, 2003) This shows that GM crops might get in trouble if people still maintain their original notions. Consequently, these people use different perspective to treat GM crops, this condition probably cause the opposites in a contradiction.

3.1.2 Views of different groups For GM crops, people are separate into different groups to regard it. And even male and female have various views, and ”the report notes that women perceived greater risks than men, and older respondents perceived more risks than younger respondents.” (Frewer, 2003) In the other words, female need to ensure security safety of every food, and they are more cautious result in rejective of GM crops. Not only are female more carful, but the older also are not willing to risk using GM crops in the light of increase of ages.

Otherwise, the differences have been widely investigated among northern and southern Europe. (Frewer, 2003) As a result, every person’s thought is vital which is possibly unfavorable to GM crops.3.2 Consumer Response With the improvement of education level, consumers’ understanding of GM foods is getting deeper so that less people choose to buy and eat GM crops. Likewise, some people think the foreign gene of GM crops can go into the body which is threat people’s health. On the other hand, one of the reason is that some consumers think GM crops is not essential foods for every country to possess, this requires decisions based on the situation of each country.

In the UntiedKingdom, the result illustrates that 13.3% can accept GM crops, and other 13.8% will buy it if the price is cheaper. (Spence and Townsend, 2006) It is fact that most people use their behaviors to reject GM crops, and they regard it as substitutes even do not eat them. Corn flakes cereal was selected due to the familiarity of GM crops to wide range of consumers. (Baker and Burnham, 2001) Corn flakes cereal is one of the foods for GM crops, consumers would like to choose products that make them feel safe. Furthe?


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