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Last updated: December 25, 2019

Globalization is the method and the situation that involves increased interconnectedness among states. It is a healthy phenomenon which makes the world as a small village.

Thus it makes the differences between the countries applicable in all situations and receptive to all societies, this is what can be seen everywhere at the moment. People have become accustomed to wearing t-shirts, jeans and eat burgers everywhere. And develop the interaction between the countries, that is why it is necessary to consolidate the principles of the global citizen to the people. In that case, higher education is responsible for the establishment and education of the student’s values of global citizenship.

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Global education is an important thing to graduate students with an experienced and efficient, as (Wood,1991) recommended. Therefore they can develop the communication skills with different cultures. This essay provides an overview of the concept of global citizen, then it focuses on the role of colleges and universities in instilling the values of the global citizen in students, and finally, it proposes some activities that higher education institutions can implement to help their student be citizens of the wider globe. The positive impact of globalization stimulates people to learn the principles and the values of being a good global citizen. Due to social impact, globalization creates a new way of dialogue and debate among the peoples around the world (Held, 2004). Since the communication with the outside world has increased and that works as an abolition of international borders. Global citizenship is defined in a simple way as “the sense of belonging to a broader community, beyond national boundaries, that emphasizes our common humanity and draws on the interconnectedness between peoples (UNESCO, 2016).

” This definition shows that a global citizen is a person who feels that he is a part of the global and he is responsible for it. In other words, it means “a sense of belonging to the global community and common humanity civic actions to promote a better world and future “(UNESCO,2016). That is why being a global citizen requires specific ethics and skills.


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