Topic: CultureTraditions

Last updated: January 26, 2019

Globalization has a wide role to play worldwide.It has left back its footprints at every sphere of life.Globalization basically helps in maintaining evenness among the methods of living of people .It is the process of growing interconnections among various parts of the world due to which diverse nations are unified into a single society.

Not only in India, but the interchange of world views and ideas has resulted in a major transformation of the lifestyle and living standard of people globally. Indian culture is no bar to this transformation process.India is known for its rich culture all across the world .

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Indian culture is rich in its heritage ,resources and most importantly its welcoming approach of citizens . Globalization has inculcated westernization in Indian culture.It ha loosened up the deep rooted customs and traditions of India .

It also has lead to spread of India prestigious culture throughout the world . Socially Indian culture has been affected adversely with globalization one of the major example is our family structure.Earlier people used to live in joint family but as modernization increased the concept of nuclear family started blooming especially in metropolitan cities .People have lost that power to adjust in joint family.Today’s generation has started increasing their own parents as burden such a kind of mentality has lead to increase in old age homes .Similarly marriage has lost its value.The number of divorces and extra marital affairs have increased at a very high rate over last few years . At the same time the western influence has bought the concepts like gender equality in Indian culture .

westernization has bought the two genders at the same level.Earlier in Indian culture girls were not given freedom to educate or work but under the influence of globalization girls are not only educated now a days but have also came up with shining colors in various fields . We have the incorporated values of treating the guests as God, warm-hearted welcoming, greeting elders with due respect and a celebrating every small festival with great colour of enjoyment and togetherness. Such a wide gathering with full hue and light can hardly be seen today. People have highly restricted themselves in social interaction.

The interaction in present generation is highly diplomatic considering the financial status and wealth. We have lost our social values and cheerful blessing of togetherness. The present generation are more happy celebrating Valentine’s Day rather than Holi and Diwali.


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