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Last updated: December 13, 2019

Gigantopithecus Evolution


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In Biology, Evolution is the adjustment in the attributes of species over several generations and depends on the procedure of natural selection. The theory of Evolution depends on the possibility that all species are connected and gradually change over time, ( 17 Feb 2017). The theory of evolution is as of now the most prevalent and controversial concept of how life reached the state it is in today, in the Holocene era. Evolution is comprehended to be driven by natural selection. “Evolution has several important components: Natural selection, Macro-evolution and Micro-evolution.” ( 2002-2018).


The Gigantopithecus has revolutionized to what we know today as the Orangutan, Orangutans Also, have two different types of species such as the Bornean orangutan and Sumatran orangutan. Both the giant apes and the orangutans have the same coloured fur which gives you a hint that the giant ape has revolutionized into the orangutan. The DNA structure and studies of orangutans have proven that orangutans have the same DNA structure, as a Gigantopithecus as it gives a lot more evidence that the Gigantopithecus is the relative to the orangutan and both these mammalians are from the same family the ape family “


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