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Last updated: February 18, 2019

Giana Torres
Mr. Barry
English 12R – Per 7
September 16, 2018

College Essay
Have you ever been so captivated by a piece of music you lost all sense of time and direction? Or maybe you’ve listened to the opposite – a piece that was so montonus that you feared it would never end. Music is an essential to my every being. It’s a form of expression. There’s no right or wrong way to create music, there are no boundaries or guidelines to follow. Living without music, would be like trying to live in a world with no air. It just can’t happen, it’s essential.
Since I can remember, music has always been a big part of my life, especially during my pre-teen years. It would be in the third grade where I would be introduced to my first instrument: the guitar. It was at that moment that I knew I wanted to pursue this as an instrument, but it wouldn’t be until the eighth grade where I would pick it up and start learning. I would practice day in and day out, but no matter how much I practiced I wasn’t making any any progress. It was then that my grandfather would sign me up for lessons. Taking lessons was one of the greatest things for me, it would be where I’d meet my music teacher, Joe. If it wasn’t for him I don’t think I’d be a far in my musical career as I am now.
The sound the guitar omits isn’t just any regular sound, it’s more complex than you could imagine. It’s where emotions, rhythm, poetry, harmony, melody, intellect, friendship, solitude and spirituality all meet. It involves your soul, body, heart and mind it combines the act of solitary and a social act. Playing the guitar doesn’t only offer pleasure to the player, but also to the people who are hearing it. Playing music for someone can change someone’s mind and feelings in a blink of an eye. By learning this art you offer so much to other, you give them to value in their lives. Learning the guitar has been more than a rewarding experience for me, especially when sharing and communicating with others in the art of music. Learning the guitar has given me meaning in a world that rides closely to the line of meaningless.
When you perform music it’s more than always perceived that its your hands or voice or mind creating the work of art. Music involves all parts of you, allowing you to exit the wave and perform in the moment exactly how you feel. There’s no playing for the past or the future for the mer fact those aren’t accessible to us. When you share a passion for music you experience this wave of excitement whenever you learn a new song, instrument or create a piece of your own. You get this sense of well-being and that is impossible for it to be copied.

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