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31.2 ROBLEM STATEMENT…………………………………………..41.

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3 AIM & OBJECTIVES..…………………………….………………51.4 SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDY……………………………….

..61.5 ORGANIZATION OF THE STUDY………………………………7CHAPTER TWO……………………………………………………….

.LITERATURE REVIEW……………………………………………….2.1CHAPTER ONE1.

1 BACKGROUND STUDYIn today’s modern age where computer has become a way of life, it is evident that a majority of the country’s institutions still do not adapt the high technology. Particularly in most medical clinic facilities, daily clinic transactions are still done on paper. It is known that modern hospitals are now operating at great pace striving to serve as many patients as possible with the best of their abilities. In this research, it hopes to develop a system that will minimize all paper works and manual record keeping, therefore allowing users to keep tracks of their computer units –a system that is fully automated, user-friendly, time effective and efficient.

Enrollment management is not just an organizational concept: it is both a process and a series of activities that involve the entire campus (Hossler & Bean, 1990). As technology continues to advance, computers becomes a closer to everyday life Computers are already seen everywhere at work, at school, and at home. Daily activities either involve the use of or depend on information from a computer. This maybe because computers are used in almost every field and profession like education and office works to perform large number of computer related work. It reduces human errors and processing time, thus it can boost productivity that results into high quality of product. This can result in a system with well-integrated processes that can perform much faster and more accurate than a manual system.

In the field of education, researchers and theorists have focused intensively in recent years on examining the concepts and use of information in to assist administrators, teachers, students and parents. Schools like any other organization used to manage all sorts of data and information to ensure attainment of its goals and objectives. The emerging needs in most schools for accurate and relevant data and reliable information strengthen the student information. According to Forman (2007) Mobility, Organizations, Systems and Technologies, continuing innovation in technologies can lead to organizational changes that range from improvement of day-to-day operation and for easy access it provides for the end users. Many institutions today have adapted this innovation in the offering of their services.

Online registration system allow students to register through the internet, eliminating or reducing problems with traditional registration systems, such as long lines, paper forms and troublesome wait lists Online registration system is very essential in a school. Just like in the case of Schools in West Africa where to utilize the use of a manual. WAEC and schools in West Africa use manual system in recording and retrieving schools and candidate’s information. On the other hand, registrar’s office also used manual system as a way of recording and retrieving student information.Manual systems put pressure on people to be correct in all details of their work at all times, the problem being that people aren’t perfect, however much each of us wishes we were.  With manual systems the level of service is dependent on individuals and this puts a requirement on management to run training continuously for staff to keep them motivated and to ensure they are following the correct procedures.  It can be all to easy to accidentally switch details and end up with inconsistency in data entry or in hand written orders.  This has the effect of not only causing problems with customer service but also making information unable be used for reporting or finding trends with data discovery.

 Reporting and checking that data is robust can be timely and expensive.  This is often an area where significant money can be saved by automation. CITATION Ric15 l 1033 (Breitmeyer, 2015)Above this research I observed, human interventions would highly involve in this type of system.

As a result, this may involve errors and duplication of data resulting troubles in organization. Inspired by the online registration services, the research came up with an online registration system for WAEC candidates and schools. Since the study involves proper records handling, tracing the constraints and evaluation of the manual system is essential. The project gathered data necessary in the registration system, which is designed to benefit the schools, teachers, and students and especially school administrators and faculties as well because they can access and manage information directly and conveniently.1.

2 PROBLEM STATEMENTEnrollment management is not just an organizational concept; it is both a process and a series of activities that involve the entire campus (Hossler ; Bean, 1990). Dennis defines enrollment management as forecasting trends that will affect higher education and utilizing research to plan for the future (Dennis, 1998). Second, Dennis lists the following attributes of those who understand enrollment management. Hossler and Bean conclude that there are two goals of enrollment management. First, to exert more control over the characteristics of the student body and two control the size of the student body (Bean, 1990, p.5) Given these two perspectives, one would say that enrollment management is concerned with the attraction and retention of students (Braxton, Vesper, ; Hossler, 1995). Donhardt (1995) feels that enrollment management involves the influence of the whole enrollment picture from recruitment through graduation. Bateman and Spruill (1995) found that enrollment management extends to the educational outcomes of attendance.

Tinto and Russo (1994) report that the success of enrollment management programs has been only moderately successful. In traditional way of enrolling, manual enrollment system is commonly used as a way of enrolling students to and is continuing to be used nowadays. In manual way of registering and enrolling students they must have to fill up first using ball pen and an enrollment form sheet given by their teachers.

Used manual system in recording and retrieving student’s information. On the other hand, registrar’s office also used manual system as a way of recording and retrieving student information. 1.3 AIMThe main aim of the study is to develop we-based application to facilitate registration process of WAEC candidate and manage information directly and more conveniently.1.3 OBJECTIVIES The aim of this project can be accomplished through the following objectives:To develop an accurate and easier way of registration for WAEC candidates and Schools. ?To Generate reports needed for registration.

?To provide a user friendly website in managing information of old candidates, new candidates and schools.To develop a database, which stores users details and schools.1.4 SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDYThe significance of the study would justify the need to conduct the study. It specifies the group of people who will benefit from the study.

Students, the study will help students to be knowledgeable enough on entering the information ?technology fields as applying what has been introduced to actual performances and to inform them of an easy way of registration. It will give them also a background and become more advance and be familiar on having a new way of registration. Schools, in this proposed system, it will help them to lessen their work and less time consumed in handling the enrollment process for the students. It helps them to minimize the effort and time exert in terms of gathering the data or information of the students. Administrators, the result of this project would serve as a benchmark for them to make an easy on handling the student records during the enrollment. It will help to lessen their work and help them also to have a fast way of enrolling candidates as well as in securing their information. Future Researchers.

This study would serve as a handy reference for the other researchers who would embark on a similar study in the future especially on certain aspects not derived into by the present study. 1.5 ORGANIZATION OF THE STUDYThis project is in partial fulfillment in acquiring a Bachelor’s degree inInformation technology. The outcome of this project is a web based application with responsive features and will therefore consist of five chapters. Chapter one of the study introduces the problem statement and describes how the specific problem will be addressed through the aims and objectives and it also contains the significance of this study. Chapter 2 involves the review of literature and relevant research associated with the problems addressed in the study. Chapter 3 presents the methodology and procedures used for data collection and analysis, determiningFunctional and non-functional requirements of such an application.

Chapter 4 covers the areas of implementing and testing of various prototypes. Chapter 5 offers a summary and discussion of findings, implications for practice, present and future and recommendations for future research.CHAPTER TWOLITERATURE REVIEW2.1 INTRODUCTIONIt has been ages since manual system for enrollment was introduced. The system has been a great means of collecting and storing data of people who part take in registration exercise.

Due to advancement of technology researchers have come to realize and notified numerous problems associated with this system hence new ideas have been put together to prevent the inconvenience. This project looks at digital enrollment system for waec examination candidates and schools. It stores details of students, courses and year in the database. The system is designed in such a way that the database is for use by staff and other authorized user to easily produce information required by different candidates. The system will help the body responsible for conducting exams (WAEC) and staffs of various schools to make enrollment easier and faster than the old system.

The system will build up the debonair of the user since input information is stored firmly in a database. The system will allow the collector of fees to print out a receipt exclusively to enrolled candidate. Scope and limitation The aim of project is to develop a platform for waec candidate’s enrollment that consists of database for data storage. Some limitations of the project are follows:Only authorized to waec candidates.

Both local and international candidate can be enrolled.Only local schools can be enrolled.Report can be issued after enrollment is successful.2.2RELATED WORKTo embark on a new research some related work or literature already done must be review to gain an overall insight, relevance and purpose of the work.

The review of literature then becomes a link between the proposed work and the already done. 2.2.1 online enrollment and administration system ( by Kong Koon Kit Chan Yin Mo)The need for powerful and flexible data management systems is increasing in science, engineering, business and the personnel fields.

The success of an organization depends on its ability to acquire accurate and timely data about its operation, to manage this data effectively, and to use it to analyse its own activities. In our final year project, a web-based course enrolment system for The Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong will be implemented to manage a vast amount of data, and to answer a given query with the relevant information in as little time as possible. The system is built by applying the techniques of Internet programming, database design and database management. ObjectivesThe objective and purpose of the Course Enrolment System is to provide real-time registration for the members and relevant reports for staff.

It helps the staff in the YMCA to input and retrieve data in a more efficient way and the members can do registration of any course or programme in the nearest YMCA centre. The system is also flexible because the user only needs to make a connection with the Internet and use the web browser to access the system server to use the Course Enrolment System. SimilaritiesThe similarities between the system are :Data is store in databaseDepends on internet to run2.

2.2 Edith Cowan University Web Enrolment systemAccording to coordinator of admission support of Kerian gateway, the system known as the Edith Cowan University Web Enrolment system (ECUWES) had replaced the traditional hard copy system of enrollment. The system offers immediacy and convenience of course enrollment via the Internet. The university said in Australia is currently enrolling more than 5,000 new students with easier transactions cause of their online enrollment system. In the local setting, academic institutions both the private and government schools are shifting from manual to computerized system including registration. This is accomplished either on an intranet or internet-based environment.CITATION Leo18 l 1033 (Leocadio, 2017)2.

2.3 Ace Adrian Sandoval in Enrollment systemEnrollment system is useful especially when the schools retrieve important information from students. The school can trace what is the standing of the student. Lack of enrollment system in a school can lead to chaos and trouble.

Student will be confused on what they should do to be able to is extremely useful in school during the process of enrollment CITATION Joy13 l 1033 (Balinos, 2013) According to Dunn and Scott (2005), enrollment system has made huge impact into the school is a system that is built on innovative program is system that will help both the enrollment personnel-in-charge and the students to easily process the enrollment at a lesser time.

Distinct from the traditional enrollment, LAN enrollment system process large assortment of the student records and provides efficient and consistent information services. According to Rowley (2005), an enrollment system is classicallyThe enrollment process is the initial stage in gathering bon fide and accurate student information necessary to establish student permanent records A registration and billing system is needed by institution to address the stated situation. The study has been made to gather fast and deliver accurate information (calabozo ;Fernandez, 2006). In the study conducted by cayabyab (2007), many problems and difficulties were identified in the existing system in Dagupan city National High school (DCNHS). These major concerns are affecting the efficient enrollment system of students. Security of the student’s records was found to be at high risk. The current system may fail to protect some important has also untimely and in efficient report generation.

A computerized system for DCNHS shall result to a significant increase in the number of enrollees.


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