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Last updated: December 3, 2019

GG5GG5 is a powerful mixture between GG1 and GG4 which makes the extraction in a long line of other leading GG strains. GG5 stands for Gorilla Glue #5 and it make you literally glued to you bed for relaxation. This strain has 28% THC that will make you drowsy in just a few puffs. And this strain is a rare hybrid that will surely leave you in awe because it is one of the best medicinal herb and has a high THC content.

GG5 Effects and AttributesThe effects of this strain is much more powerful than its origin. A few puff may give you a rush of excitement and giggles, however, it will also slowly make you feel less motivated as you continue puffing it in. After the time passes, the euphoric feeling of relaxation will kick in. This is also use for the treatment of insomnia and symptoms of pain, depression, stress or anxiety. Furthermore, if you want to gain weight, this the perfect strain for you.

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It can help cure eating disorders and aide indigestion. GG5 will leave you wanting some more if you really are craving for more sleep, more relaxing feeling.GG5 FlavorsGG5 has a strong diesel smell and piney taste. It’s surely not for the people who have a delicate heart in both aroma and effects.

Its appearance may let you think that it has invigorating aftertaste. That strong odour and flavour stay with you after the smoke’s gone.What We Like About GG5GG5 is likely to be popular for those who wants to have a good long rest on the weekends. As mentioned above, it is highly recommended for people who suffers from insomnia, depression, pain, stress or anxiety for it can help stimulate your mind to be in a relaxing state. After several puffs, you can feel an uplifting feeling that is immediately be in effect throughout the mind and the body.

Some people say that after smoking, they find themselves searching for useful (of any topic they find important) information in the internet while laying on their sofa or bed. Therefore, GG5 can also make you mentally alert.What We Don’t Like About GG5Usual users claim that using GG5 leaves them with dryness of mouth and eyes that indicates dehydration. Some may find themselves feel dizzy, paranoia and headache, thus, rarely occurs.Growing GG5 TipsGorilla Glue #5 grow bushy and bloom between 58 days and 63 days.

There’s no difference if you cultivate it indoors or outdoors.


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