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Last updated: April 12, 2019

Generally, no single definition can stand satisfactorily in stating what education is. Different scholars have defined education in their own ways, yet they all converge at acquisition or passing of knowledge, skills or behavior from one person to another, or from an institution, be it family, society or school to an individual. Education involves enculturation, a progression where one learns to act humanly, and in so doing acquires a cultural identity. In its ministration, education imparts ideals, principles and skills relevant to an individual’s culture. One role of public schools is to promote the principles and standards of our society, which have been all but forgotten. Today we presume that school is a place where we go to learn history and mathematics, but it is much more than that. Schools are preparing us to participate in and preserve our Democratic society and at the same time, they are preparing us to challenge what we see as injustice within our system. They shape us to become better people so that we might be model citizens in our society. We have to learn from the past and assimilate it into what we want our county to be; it is our job to govern the future of our nation.


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