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Last updated: April 5, 2019

Gardening undoubtedly has a number of advantages, for example, it consists in the fact that a person produces environmentally friendly products for himself. It’s no secret that all products that you can buy, cause doubt, are they useful, are they safe. In addition, researchers attribute a huge benefit to gardening for our body – it is a useful exercise, or fitness.

In other words, when you work in the garden or at the dacha, you train your muscles. Did not you notice how after the winter break you come to the dacha, do a lot of necessary and the next day you feel pain in the muscles? Experienced gardeners, gardeners know that planting seeds, seedlings or saplings in the ground, further care for them as they grow, is hard work. But they do not know about the benefits of such work. Doctors and researchers in the field of medicine say that half an hour of work with a shovel, rake or lawn mower replaces a good workout in the gym. Half an hour of working with a rake will help you lose 120 calories. During the same time, digging the ground, you burn 150 calories.Though only half an hour of running and burning up to 240 kcal, doctors still recommend to go to more useful “events” as fitness and support of one’s health. Experts in the field of health recommend instead of strenuous and exhausting workouts in the hall to do plant cultivation and walking.

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Since, in their opinion, this will reduce the risk of a heart attack twice, thereby increasing the life expectancy of people for 7 years. Agree, the figure is rather big. Moreover, in recent years, diseases of the cardiovascular system are among the most popular causes of mortality. In Russia there are from 10 to 60 million gardeners. While the total number of people in Russia on January 1, 2017, there are almost 147 million. It turns out that about every third or fourth works in the garden or at the dacha. But unfortunately, we are already one of the five countries with a problem of obesity. do not forget that the benefits of working in the “garden-garden” will only benefit if it is carried out regularly and dosed, and not only on weekends from morning to evening, that then you can not, as they say, sing neither whistle.

Going to the gym, buying a subscription, spending money to work out. For people who have not been involved in sports before, there is a risk of getting a greater load on the heart and joints. And the occupation of gardening is easier to “weave” into everyday life. Well, at the output you will get a lot of tasty and useful, and fresh air is much more useful than a gym.


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