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Last updated: April 1, 2019

G?RESUN CASTLE This place is so spectacular that everyone in this city must visit there.It has a magnificent atmosphere.I remember my school days whenever I visit this castle.Because we went so many times with my class when I was kid.Including breathtaking view,the place is worth-seeing.It has Hero of the National Struggle Topal Osman Agha’s monumental tomb.In the castle,historical palace,ruins,caves,rough stones and stone walls shows us how amazing the castle.The castle of the city center,which has a rich in historical culture was established.In terms of both vehicle and pedestrian access is easy.Every people can spend their times joyfully.As a activity,you can visit historical places and play ball ,skip a rope if you want to go back your childhood memories.Also,you can barbeque with your family or friends.There’s so many options you can do.When I last visited Giresun Castle,so many historical places was eroded.I felt sad because I love the feeling when i enter the historical places because it gives me goosebumps.In the Castle,it was opened various cafes.This is beautiful an I liked it.Another new thing in this amazing place is that cafe owners has adopted pets.Every owner ,feeding cats or dogs.With the peaceful atmosphere,pets living happily,and peoples having fun.


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