FYS 111X- The Good, Bad and The Ugly Fasika Bireda
Dr. Beth, Boyens
Journal #1
Augustana’s motto is entering to learn. Leave to serve. As a student what I understand is that I
make a choice to be educated and achieve my goals or not and this quote is illustrating that
Augustana University is a place of different opportunities where one can achieve and make
his/her dream come true, but we can only do that by working hard and never give up even if
something goes wrong we must keep moving and believe we can do this no matter what comes
to our way.

Frederick Buechner asserts that the place you are called to is “the place where your deep
gladness meets the world’s deep need.” This definition of vocation illustrates that what we plan
for or future purpose is what we need to work hard for that to explore more and achieve us
goals because we all know that we can’t get what we did not credit for it we won’t get a
satisfaction for ourselves if we cheat or accept other jobs and something like that we wont taste
what life is we won’t know what will happen next because right there we are holding someone
else effort and that might humiliate us one day. So, we must keep up doing what we must do
even if we get tired of it we must keep moving.

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My major is Accounting and right now I’m taking some courses that is related to my courses
which are Math 140, Socio 110 and Econ 120. What I have experienced going to the major and
minor fair is that relating some courses to the one I have, and it helped me that to think much
bigger because, if add some courses that relate to my major it would be nice for my future. One
of the instructor explained to me that I can take a business classes too because if I’m taking
accounting as my major then I could make my minor business since I still don’t have choose a
minor it would be a great opportunity to take this class so that it will be easy. I tried to
investigate sociology course and I did not expect that there is a degree for sociology course only
what I thought was it would be helpful for some major and minor courses, but I find it differently
and I asked the instructor and she told me that its an easy course and any person can take this
course because it’s all about social life how social life is what things to expect from our society
and so alike so it can be for all courses to have a better community with you are working with.


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