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Last updated: April 7, 2019

Furthermore, manipulation is used a lot especially by squealer to obtain more power and clear any accusations made about Napoleon and the pigs. Squealer makes several speeches in order to have this farm under their control. It was a technique that was used which exploited the fact that the animals where inferior in the sense of their intelligence.

The sheep would always be loyal and would never question the decisions made by Napoleon and repeating “four legs good, two legs bad!” which dissipated any tension. In addition, the pigs create many propagandas to make animals more faithful and create a better image. They would often rely on producing different slogans and catchphrases for various reasons. These propagandas were incredibly effective in brainwashing as the animals would always obey and strive to become better. Boxer would say to himself that “Napoleon is always right” until his very death suggesting how well the propaganda worked.

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It shows that squealer manipulates a lot to gain authority.


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