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Last updated: April 27, 2019

From Amazon e-Bay through Uber, La Redoute or Le Bon Coin, most of the key players on the Web use these chatbots to inform their customers, assisting them on their travel purchase or making their purchase easier.Knowing how to leverage Big Data data and gather customer knowledge (buying history, reviews, clicks, visits …), this software knows how to formulate recommendations in a perfect and real-time way.

This automatic learning model allows you to analyze and intersect every piece of information to make the information intelligent and reliable. Result: E-Merchants use their referral engines to deliver products and promotions to the right people while maximizing customer satisfaction.Support the customer and support the seller in the storeBut could we go further and use artificial intelligence to advise customers directly at the point of sale? To some extent, yes, in relatively simple and repetitive tasks, with robots or applications for smartphones that act as personal shopping assistants.As stored in the Nescafe, Kiabi, Carrefour, Macy’s or KFC, these technologies and customers are informed about the product and drive in real time, offers, recommendations and targeted actions.

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They also help the customer to check whether a reference is available in the store, and to reduce waiting times in the box through digital payment solutions.By giving back a modern brand image, these digital assistants make customers more independent. Automation, real time, sometimes procedures through software packages (order management, warehouse management, purchasing, etc.) boring also relieves the sales force that will be available to your clients and guide you through more quality consulting missions. But the robots have a price: between 16,000 and 18,000 euros for the purchase of a basic model like Pepper, a range of 12 hours and is currently used in Nescafe. A significant investment whose current ROI is unknown because the solutions are still up to date.Robots looking for emotionsRemember, some sales advice, because of its complexity or subjectivity, always requires an indispensable human touch, such as beauty or luxury.

At this point, the added value and persuasive power of the salesperson reach all dimensions. First of all, because despite all its refinement, robots still have great difficulty understanding the cultural and social differences (education, linguistic registers, etc.) that are mastered by all people, as evidenced by a university experiment. from Doha.And despite the fact that many research and development projects are emerging, such as Microsoft’s “AI” prototype, designed to help the blind in their social interactions by recognizing age, gender, and certain emotions. their interlocutors, their daily applications and especially in a commercial context are still very limited and still need to be tested. The human touch creates an emotion, ease of use and a bond of proximity to the customer that currently can not transport a machine.

According to a study by Accenture Strategy, 58% of French people believe that the business is the best channel for personalized services. This emotional dimension is therefore an integral part of the customer experience with a brand. It is also one of the reasons why consumers still enjoy shopping.


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