from 1929 to 1939, the Great Depression was the most economic downfall in the industrialized world.

Americans were the first people to see hours and jobs cut, and they experienced the highest unemployment rate during the 1930s.

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After WW1, 700,000 African Americans move from the south to the north to find jobs.

African American men and women were greatly concentrated in unskilled labor and service jobs
Harlem was a welcoming Haven for black people

African Americans made up 10% of the total US population during the 1930s

the average annual income for black farmers and Wade’s labors in the South was $278 compared to the $452 Caucasian earned

Education for African American police not supported and underfunded. 10 southern States spent fewer than $20 on each black students in elementary and secondary schools but almost $50 on each white students.

African Americans often received substantially less aid than whites, and some charitable organizations even excluded blacks from their soup kitchens.


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