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Last updated: October 14, 2019

Freedom of press is considered one of the most fundamental of all freedoms. Freedom of press guarantees everyone’s right to speak and write openly without state interference, including the right to criticize the injustices, illegal activities and incompetence of government without fear. From the aspect of freedom of the press, in autocratic state, freedom of free press is limited. We cannot voice out our right to inform the public, to offer the opinion, to advocate change including changing the government. Freedom of press is also the right to voice opinions in common.

It gives the majority and the minority each the chance to be heard and the minority the opportunity to become the majority. Most importantly, freedom of press is the right to challenge any form of state tyranny by force of words and ideas.  Mass channels of communication and information transmitted through media like television, radio, press are controlled entirely by the government. For example, the media of North Korea is among the most strictly controlled in the world.

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The government tightly control all information coming in and out of country but the government only allows speech or information that supports it.


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