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Last updated: February 27, 2019

Free Healthcare in Iraq Healthcare is very sensitive factor in every country, and every government should care more about healthcare than other factors, so that they can provide better healthcare for the people in the country. There are many ways for doing it for example they can make the quality of healthcare better, or they can make it accessible by everyone. Government can do these things by making the health care free so that everyone in the country will have better health. Iraq should have free healthcare so thatThe quality will be better and rich and poor people will have access to it without any differences.One of the main advantages of the free healthcare is that the quality of the healthcare will be improved. Now, in Iraq there are many hospitals, and some of them are private hospitals and some of them are public, and the quality of the treatment that people get is different. In the public hospitals, the doctors will get half salary or they will get the salary every 2 or 3 month and this will affect the quality of the work that they do for the patients. To illustrate, the emergency hospital in Sulaimani did not work in Nawroz, and they would not do any treatment for the patients.

On the other hand, in the private hospitals they are doing good treatments for the patients because they are getting good salaries. The government can solve this problem by making the healthcare free so that everyone will get same treatment and they can do this by giving salary to the doctors and the staffs in the public hospitals, so they will do their works properly. The second advantages of the free healthcare is that poor and rich people will get good treatment without any discriminations.

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Now, people in our country are poor, and they have difficulties in getting treatment since we are facing economic cries. On the other hand if government provides free health care for the citizens people can get free treatments, therefore the ratio of unhealthy people in the country will decrease too. Additionally, when government provides free health care the quality of the treatments in public hospital and private hospital will nearly be in the same level not exactly the same since there will be still private hospitals. Moreover, there will not be any differences between rich and poor people in getting healthcare. To sum up, it is important to have free health care in every country and especially in poor countries like our country Kurdistan.

It is significant because of the reasons which are mentioned, such as having better quality of healthcare, having no differences between rich and poor people in getting health care and many other important reasons. Having better quality of healthcare means both private hospitals and public hospitals will treat the patients in the same way. Additionally, having no differences between poor and reach people in getting treatments since government will pay instead of the poor people for their health care. In my opinion it is important to provide free healthcare for the citizens by the government due to the reasons that I have mentioned. Name: Hozak Hawre LateefCode: F160057


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