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Last updated: November 26, 2019

Four wheelers and dirt bikes are both off road vehicles and they both can be used to ride in dirt trails or in muddy conditions.

Dirt bikes have two wheels and four wheelers have four wheels. I have heard that dirt bikes are better and i have heard that four wheelers are better. Dirt bikes There are different types of dirt bikes and it can be different depending on what you are doing. There are some for adventure and some for motocross. They can be fixed on so that they can go faster or have more power when u go through dirt and mud.

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Dirt bikes are lightweight and built so that it can withstand the rough times in the woods and and all weather. If you’re about to wreck on a dirt bike you’ll be able to jump off and you won’t be as hurt as if you stayed on. Four Wheelers Four wheelers can be used for mudding and racing. They can be used to carry materials for working jobs and they can also pull out other four wheelers. You can race them and make them faster and more powerful than when you first got it.

Four wheelers are more dangerous than dirt bikes because they are more heavier and they can flip more easily if you turn to quickly.Conclusion In conclusion, I know that dirt bikes and four wheelers are both off-road vehicles and that they can hurt you bad or worse. Its a person’s choice on what they prefer but be safe on a dirt bike or a four wheeler. Their both different in many ways and people say that dirt bikes are better than four wheelers and people say that four wheelers are better than dirt bikes. It’s the riders choice on what they want to ride.


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