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Last updated: January 25, 2020

Forgetting is losing what was stored, Forgetting is a failure to retrieve memories with a range of explanations changing between those that see information as not within storage. For example, the information is within an individual’s storage, but the individual can no longer retrieve it – known as interference. Information that has no meaning tends to be forgotten. Time seems to be the main reason why some memories are lost. Memories disappear if it is no longer available and sometimes memory is stored however for some reason it cannot be retrieved. Brain injuries affect memory. Forgetting is due to long term memory (LTM) becoming confused or disrupted by other information during coding. Trace Decay theory explains forgetting as a result in of fading memory trace. Trace decay refers to a gradual fading of memory. When new information is learnt, a memory trace is created and stored as an engram. According to decay theory, if information is not rehearsed, it will fade away and a person will no longer be able to remember it.This theory suggests that memories are not permanent and can explain forgetting in both STM and LTM and can be applied to all instances of forgetting.


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