For this study, both closed and opened ended questions were used .This enabled respondents to answers the questions from the researchers perspective at the same time giving them a forum to air their opinions on the issue. The questionnaires for this study helped the researcher obtain data on the use of Facebook in creating icon of models on student’s lifestyle .The questionnaire used for this study have been attached as Appendix I

Participant observation proved to be significant in adding information .It enabled the researcher obtain information from those activities , events or even happenings that took place in Moi university main campus. This gave the researcher an insight of the activities that students engaged in. An observation schedule was created showing the activities that the researcher observed. The researcher focused on non-verbal aspects of communication and language use. The observation schedule is attached as Appendix II.
Validity of instruments of use were piloted. This helped the researcher realize the shortcomings of the instruments .It in turn enabled the researcher to adjust certain things on the instruments before using them in the main study .Validity is the extent to which a test or instrument measures what it is intended to measure, (Mbwesa 2006.).
Reliability can be termed as the degree to which a research instrument

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