Topic: SociologyPoverty

Last updated: February 14, 2019

For the disadvantages in implementing K-12 program in the Philippines, one of the major problems why most of the parents do not want to support K-12 is because they expend more money for the 2 years extended education. Poverty is the main obstacle why parents disagreed and opposed the K-12 program to be implemented in our country. Another thing is that every family dreams their child to graduate from college and to think tuition and expenses in college is more expensive. Secondly, the lack of classroom, furniture and equipments, and qualified teachers. Schools are unprepared regarding the school facilities such as computers, laboratory equipments, chairs and others for Senior High level. Indeed, some schools are accepting students excessively particularly in public schools which lead to an unconducive to learning environment. Lastly, students interest to study.

For some students additional two years of education means extension of school works and stress and thinking about it lose their interest to study. We are living in a different world today where teenagers are addicted in videogames and most students prefer to stop studying just for vlogging considering they earn money for doing so.

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