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Last updated: November 6, 2019

For me, exercise is more than just physical,it’s therapeutic.” -Michelle Obama Being successful helps you thrive to live an exciting and happy life, and comes with benefits in life to thrive in life to help you succeed. This will help you have, no health issues, no bad habits, a great career.

Being unhealthy will cause serious threats to your health and will cause you to develop negative things if rule not followed. Being healthy will prevent you from having health issues such as obesity, high blood pressure, and tooth decay. All of these factors from not being healthy can cause you your life. But there are ways to prevent this.

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One way is by eating a balanced diet, states, the article states “eating healthy can keep your blood pressure in control which having high blood pressure cause heart attack or strokes.” (6 Ways To Prevent Hypertension).Another ways is by cutting back on salt, I know it sounds crazy but believe me it helps,the article states, people who had been eating limited salt were found out to be 40% chance of dying of a stroke or cardiovascular diseases or heart disease and other. The best option is to eat correctly this means vegetables and fruits and dairy. This provides you with the great vitamins, vitamins a and c to have strength and grow. Eating healthy also provides you with energy, and if you don’t have energy you don’t move alot and it could also cause back pains especially for adults, so think first when you think about taking a bite out of that burger.

Last but not least sleep, sleep benefits your heart, mind, and it’s also so relaxing, it also repairs the heart vessels in which repairing heart vessels is important,(Blood vessel repair and regeneration in the ischaemic heart). If you are not healthy you will start to develop bad habits. Smoking is one bad habit it is horrible to smoke. It damages your lungs causing lung cancer to form in your lungs. Another reason is that it kills you.

Also breathing in horrible smelling smoke into yourself it’s just horrible! Cigarettes contain nicotine which is an addictive chemical, so even if you smoke one pack thinking your not gonna be addicted you’re wrong. Drinking alcohol is also bad if you drink too much you can get alcohol poisoning causing death, and can also make you do things without you noticing. Lastly, is eating junk food, I know we all eat it in fact most of the time we do. But that hobby has to stop. Eating junk food causes tooth decay and that’s disgusting and you would not like that in your teeth wait what teeth? Turns out tooth decay comes from eating junk food. Also it causes cavities which are very painful, ouch.

The article states ”Help youth understand influences and health consequences of tobacco, drug, and alcohol use to make healthy choices.” This demonstrates bad habits have consequences and influence your health. Being healthy and exercising can make you successful and have a career, joining sports like MLB or the NBA or NFL can make have good pay and can make you famous.


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