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Last updated: September 17, 2019

For Christians the essential event of the foundation of their faith is the crucifixion. Jesus was tortured and concludes a mad man. Jesus suffers the worst death by being crucified. It was a great disaster happened in the life of Jesus.

Jesus was given a fair trial on that time then His claim for divine Messiahship would have been established. Unfortunately the laws were over powered and the eyes were closed and thus a fair judgment was prevented. There is no doubt that this was the most terrible unsuccessful outcome of justice ever experienced by the mankind. It was claimed that He presented Himself with the characteristics of Jehovah. There are so many questions arise then if Jesus Christ was really the Messiah as was declared in the Old Testament. It is said to be that there are some points of Jewish civil rights came under violation while the trial of Jesus was conducted. It seems very strange that people of that caliber in learning and legal experts could act clumsily so badly. It has been happening from centuries that the Jews have been accused for killing Jesus.

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Jews were told to convert to Christianity or die during the conquer of Spain.The life, the death and the resurrection of Jesus is a revelation of God for the world’s redemption and this is revealed on the Old Testament where it is said that Old Testament was the vehicle which revealed the true meaning of the redemptive events of the gospel. We can sum up the whole events and facts in this way that Jesus had to face rigors of crucifixion and eventually died. He was buried and due to His death His disciples lost hope and became hopeless and unhappy. The tomb of Jesus was found empty just after a few days.

It was a proof that Jesus had risen. Messiah reffered to the king God had promised would defeat evil and bring goodness back to the world, and they had been looking for this king for a very long time. Jesus fulfilled every definition of the Messiah meaning that then Israelites had been looking for.Now, through Jesus, the whole of humanity could have access to the infinite love of God to the end of time. It was this love that was destined to bring about a whole new world order that Jesus had first called the Kingdom. It was a Kingdom of love. However, nowhere in the Gospels did Jesus say that the Kingdom had come, but only that it was coming. The infinite loving of the Father was sent out.

It was sent out through Jesus, so that after the Apostles, everyone else could receive it too, if they had the inner receptivity of heart and mind that many thousands did. That’s why Jesus said that “No man born of a woman was greater than John the Baptist, but even the humblest in the kingdom was greater than he.” (Luke 7:28)The only real journey that matters begins, thanks to the continual outpouring of God’s love that was unleashed. It begins from where we are now, by continually turning to receive this love in all that we say and do each day, here and now in.Today, Messiah Christianity still prevails.

Like the ancient Israelites, we too must now wait for Christ’s return before we can truly celebrate the victory over evil. Nevertheless, the battle has already been won just as God promised to the people it would be.


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