for all characters. both socs n greasers… therefore all characters regardless which group they belong struggle.
Darry Curtis is the oldest boy in his family and has had the responsibility of taking care of his two younger brothers since their parents died in a car accident. He struggles with his role as “parent” and continually argues with Ponyboy about his grades and life decisions. Darry is also upset at the fact that he had to give up a scholarship to play football in college in order to work two jobs. Ponyboy, Sodapop and Darry all worry about the possibility of the younger brothers being put in boys home. Darry understands that he needs to work two jobs so that he can provide for his younger brothers and regrets not living life like a typical twenty-year-old. Darry’s increased responsibilities have changed him from a fun-loving brother into a serious, uptight individual. Darry’s struggles concerning his ability to maintain a positive relationship with Ponyboy teaches him to be a more sympathetic, loving brother. When Darry finally sees Ponyboy at the hospital, he realises that he needs to express his love for his brother and improve their relationship.


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