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Last updated: September 2, 2019

First, it is important that you consider the needs of the audience which you are communicating with. For example, younger people have shorter attention spans, whereas older people can sit through things longer. Meaning for younger people, you have to make it shorter.

The things which should be considered are: internal and external audience- when communicating with internal audience, you are able to use slang and abbreviated language. However, you cannot do that with external audience. You should talk formal. If the colleague has got a lot of experience, you will be able to explain things more simply, than people who have just joined. This is because they will be able to understand what you mean.

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When you are communicating with people who are deaf, or have bad hearing, you would have to talk louder, maybe do sign language, hire a lip reader, or the best option could be send it in writing. If they are partially sighted, it will be best to make the visual communication more accessible, this could be things like larger fonts. If there are people with mobility problems for example wheelchair users, they may require wider aisles. When you are writing to your client about a very important matter it should be sent as a formal letter. This means that it should start off with ” DEAR SIRS,” and end with ” Kind Regards”, with your signature two spaces after, and your name just after.


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