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Last updated: February 17, 2019

First of all, what I understood, is that the story “I’m Still Here” is about how a single people can change his society.

It also demonstrates the way actors in the society influence each others. Example, how medias, population and authorities follow tightly each others to convince the owner to quit his house. In view of that it also show how a man attached with his values can be strong enough .

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Jake Garson fighted all along the authorities and stood up for his own right through his determined act of courage. By doing this he influenced many people of his entourage. “I’m Still Here” is one of the stories that spread a moral lesson and messages across the text. Many effects influenced the way we feel the text. These effects includes a slow beginning and a unpredictable ending. The author well done to catch the reader’s attention the entire story, with plots twists and characters relationships.

Exemple when he shows characters emotions and thoughts by using vulgar language, which made it more alive for the reader.


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