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“Feminism is the belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities” (by Merriam-Webster). This story is about a women’s life in the mid 1800s.

During early 1800s women fought for their rights. In the story, “Story of an Hour” Kate Chopin reveals the problem women faced in martial relationships. She used a woman who is unhappy with her marriage. Her focus was on strong female characters and individual freedom. According to the Seagull book, in 1894 “The Story of an Hour” was rejected by many magazine editors. Later in December, Vogue published it by paying Chopin ten dollars and also the complement of presenting her to the public as a daring writer (pg. 95). Kate Chopin is able to create a theme of freedom in her story, “The Story of an Hour” Kate Chopin uses dramatic irony and symbolism.

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In Story of an Hour by Kate Chopin, the death of Louise’s husband causes her great joy after realizing she no longer has to live for anyone but herself.As we know how the story comes to turn out. When I first read this story, Louise seems to look like an old woman. Mrs. Mallards friends and her sister assume, that she is deeply in love with her husband. When Mrs.

Mallard comes to know about her husband’s death, she knows that there will “be no powerful will bending her” (paragraph 14). Mrs. Mallard thinks that her husband loved her.

Brently had ever looked at Louise with love (paragraph 13). This information shows that Brently is not a bad guy, he believes that it is his right and responsibility to direct Louise in everything she does. Learning od her Husband’s death, Mrs. Mallard realized that she is now free. She repeats the words “Free, free, free!” (paragraph 11) and feels like she is now alive. Louise knows that from now on she can live for herself and no one else can control her. She looks forwards to a long new life. Now Louise is someone who has much to look forward too many joys of her life.

This opportunity is taken from her a chance of freedom is taken from her when she learns that Brently still live. Mrs. Mallard, in very short time realized the world is a wonderful place and that she can live it in anyways she chooses.

She gains independence, freedom, individuality and a whole life. Dreaming and learning how to live as an individual human being before marriage was what Louise didn’t think of. According to me Mr.

Mallard’s death looks like the re-birth of her new life of freedom. When Brently walks inside, Louise knows that she will have to spend the rest of her life as no more than his wife does. She knows that she will never be free. The way that Mrs. Mallard responds would be fitting for a woman who had endured years of abuse and a loveless marriage; however, Mr. Mallard’s had never “looked with love upon her,” but because of her unhappiness towards her restricting marriage his kindness was irrelevant. His kind behavior did not prevent her from feeling suffocate by the traditional marriage that was holding her back. The use of irony in this make Mrs.

Mallard seemingly kind-hearted. Life has grim up with her before looking forward to the years ahead “with a shudder” (paragraph 19). This claims that Louise has seen what light might have been without her husband, the idea of resuming her former life is unbearably.When Louise learns that her husband is still alive, her hope of being free went down. Now that Mrs. Mallard has imagine how light might have been without her husband. Seeing her husband, Mrs.

Mallard suffers a “heart attack” and dies. It claims that, when Mrs. Mallard’s husband suddenly walks in as a re-birth of his life. I think that Mrs.

Mallard’s dose sees him and that’s what cause death.


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