Female police officers face challenges rooted in prejudices of gender; this involves the comparison between the female and male officer. It is common knowledge that a male officer will be muscular than a female officer but that does not negate the fact that females can be officers and carry out the basic operations of an officer of the law. The training that the officers go through before being dislodged to their duties, teaches them a number of tactics that can compensate the energy that they would luck during apprehending of a stronger suspect who is resisting arrests. The current technology nullifies the use of force in apprehension as the suspect can just be teased and booked without causing much harm directly or collaterally. Therefore, it is unethical to dismiss female police officers from engaging in interactive scenes with criminals.
This prejudices come from the community, fellow workmates and even the superiors in the force. It is unfortunate that a superior who is to mentor you and make your rank rise, now holds some prejudices which will affect your work. This vice should be abhorred with all costs in the force through holding of seminars and summits where an awareness is created on the importance of the female police officers to our nation’s security and so they should be respected equally. The workplace ethics should also be strengthened and female officers given a wider platform for reporting any prejudices they experience. The culprits should also be put into books and the appropriate disciplinary actions taken. The contemporary society treats every human being equally since all have a potential in being the best, the police force also needs women as there are those who are intelligent even more than the men always preferred.


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