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Last updated: October 27, 2019

Feedback from the tutor and students were positive. Not just a member who was only responsible of her slide, but everyone was synchronising except for one person who did only her slide. She was not concerned about the other slides and we didn’t even pressurise her. We wanted good relationship with and we were expecting her to work on her slide alongside contribute in Introduction or even conclusion, but it didn’t work.

Overall, our team was productive in completing our goals. To summarize, it was a good experience to work in a multicultural team. I learnt how to develop my skills such as communication, decision-making, problem solving, planning etc. Our group contributed well to make it a successful presentation except for one person.

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But we were not disheartened on presentation day because she came to practise the presentation before seminar which was beneficial. In the future, if I was to work as part of a team, then I would behave in a more friendly and polite manner so that they feel comfortable. Nevertheless, if I get a member who is not bothered then I will convince him/her courteously to connect on WhatsApp or attend meetings. If the person is unable to attend, then I will convince politely to at least complete the section at home that is assigned.

Moreover, I will ensure to draw a brainstorm to have an idea of how to work on our tasks and what information to include. Also, I will ensure that I treat the members equally. I am not concerning to be a leader but it’s just the sake of other members in the group who want to work effectively. Overall, being in functional team was outstanding experience and gained additional skills.


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