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Feasibility of mussels and StyrofoamRationale
Tiles are very popular nowadays. We are very familiar of it since we can see it at home and in different establishments. There are many kinds of tiles but we decided to make design tiles. Design tiles are not suitable for floor purposes. Pollution is one of the biggest problem in our country. We want to make useful things that can help in this problem so we decided to make design tiles using mussels and Styrofoam. Styrofoam are usually used in fast food chains and thrown away, this waste is non-biodegradable. On the other hand mussels shells are found in wet market and seashores. This can be put together with the help of gasoline. the feasibility of mussels and gasoline
Background of the Study
Solid waste is one of the big problem here in Philippines. According to Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) we make 40,000 tons of waste everyday. These are two type of solid waste the Biodegradable and Non-Biodegradable. One example of Biodegradable is the shell of mytilus edulis commonly known as mussel and example of Non-Biodegradable is Styrofoam. They pollute the land and water when discarded indiscriminately. Resulting in a lot of sickness due to excessive solid waste.

People have used various instruments to control the solid waste. The most popular to control the solid waste is making fertilizer from biodegradable waste but the non-biodegradable has no solution yet. So we think Biodegradable + Non-Biodegradable = product. So we make a alternative tiles using Styrofoam and mussel.

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Why mussel and Styrofoam? We know we easily get a mussel here in the Philippines. Mussel is found in the freshwater, rivers, and lakes and mussel is a biodegradable waste. Styrofoam is one of the most numerous non-biodegradable waste. We try to use it as a raw materials for concrete tiles to solve the problem of disposal.


Vanishing Styrofoam Cups

I. Preparation
a.) Collect shell (mussel)
b.) Wash the shell (mussel) that you collect.

c.) Dry the shell (using blower, oven, fire, or simply sun dry).

d.) Make the shell (mussel) to powder by using hammer or blender.

II. Making
a.) Get a weight of Styrofoam and the right amount of gasoline.

b.) Put some gasoline in the container and slowly add the Styrofoam and mix it.

c.) Then slowly add the powdered shell.

d.) Put all the mixture in the container.
e.) Dry it.

Data Analysis
Research Question
Our design should be tough and suitable for its purpose. They can be mix by using gasoline.

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The students:Jefferson Asuncion 09106344928Charles BenitezEran john DadoleMarycris BoylesJayne BuganiGabriela CabonitaRelian Mae CabreraMarian CanteroLovely Joy Cantillon 09489928162Patricia Delina
Adult sponsors:Ma’am Novie Gallego
Qualified scientist:
Designated supervisor:Ma’am Novie Gallego


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