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FARIDA SHOES PRIVATE LIMITED D-UNITINTRODUCTION:This part provides the information of FARIDA GROUP and M/S. FARIDA SHOES PRIVATE LIMITED. The company mission, vision, objectives and slogan are provided. In this company functioning of various departments which are Production Department, Human Resource Department, Purchase Department and Maintenance Department. Here the Production and Packing process are explained by Flow Chart.

And also included the List of Board of Directors. Finally the key success factors which made FARIDA GROUP.FARIDA GROUP:Farida Group is a family owned business. It was founded in 1957 by Haji Mecca Abdul Majid Sahib at Ambur, Tamil Nadu India. The first product was East India Tanned (i.e. Vegetable tanned goat skins).

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In 1960’s satisfying A.M. Sahib’s vision to move into overseas markets, they became the pioneers in value addition starting with exports of finished leather and shoe uppers to USA, Germany and Italy.In 1970’s the product line from shoe uppers to complete shoe making was expanded by Rafeeque Ahmed Mecca. He started operations in Chennai and also moved the group headquarters there.Now, Farida has expanded to 12 plants in the last five decades.”Quality at reasonable price” made the FARIDA GROUPS products popular in the market day by day. The good quality of FRADIA products help the companies to face the market competition positively.

VISION:To be leaders in the Industry.To be a state of the Art company.To get respect from the outsiders.

MISSION:Have to be leaders with regards to:QualityAdministrationAll aspects of running a factory To have the Latest TechnologyGive back to societyLOGO:SLOGAN: “QUALITY FIRST, FARIDA IS BEST”VALUES OF THE COMPANY:There are five basis values to the success the company.FairnessExcellenceHumilityProactiveLegal ; Social complianceFARIDA GROUP OF COMPANIES: Farida group comprises of a private holding company and its 11 subsidiaries They are like:Farida holdings private limited.Farida management services private limited.

Top fondisoles (India) private limited.Arcot soles private limited.Farida XIEZHAN MOULDS private limited.Farida engineering services private limited.Farida prime tannery private limited.Leather sector skill council.

Western gateway cargo services private limited.Apollo hospitals enterprise limited.Confederation of Indian footwear Industries.Council for leather exports.

Riviera shoes private limited.Ambur economic development organization.Farida newline studio private limited.Southern India chamber of Commerce ; Industry.Consortium of shoes ; products manufacturers private limited.Aston shoes private limited.

Delta shoes private limited.Farida leatherware private limited.Farida Classic shoes private limited.Farida prime tannery.Farida Newline studio private limited.

Indian exports private limited.Kenmore shoes private limited.COMPANY PROFILE OF M/S.FARIDA SHOES PVT.LTD:M/s. FARIDA SHOES PRIVATE LIMITED D-UNIT is a manufacturing and marketing high quality men and women footwear and finished leather. Farida groups operate through there three main business segments:LeatherUppersShoe manufacturing units.

Farida group products are sold under popular brands names in more than 40 countries globally. M/s Farida shoes Pvt. Ltd is a Private incorporated on 24 September 1976.It is registered as a Private limited company.

The registered office of the company is at 151/4 MOUNT POONAMALLE ROAD, CHENNAI, TamilNadu. M/s FARDIA SHOES PRIVATE LIMITED is one of the associate concerns of FARIDA GROUP of companies. It is a full shoe factory, being one of the biggest facilities in South India. The factory is certified with QMS- ISO 9001:2008, EMS- ISO 14001:2004, and OHSAS- ISO 18001:2008.The founder of M/s Farida Shoes Pvt. Ltd.

is Mr. Haji Mecca Abdul Majid Sahib. Established : 1976 Managing Director : Irshad Ahmed Mecca Corporate Office : Ramapuram, Chennai 600 089, Tamil Nadu, India. Factory : Farida Tannery PLC, Ethiopia Modjo.., Farida Group Revenue : $25 M The factory is certified with : QMS- ISO 9001:2008 EMS- ISO 14001:2004 OHSAS- ISO 18001:2008 Business description : Farida Shoes is engaged in the Manufacturing ; export’s men’s shoes and shoe components including uppers ,soles, insoles and lining material. Production facility : The company is a part of Farida Group, which has several tanneries and factories Competitors : EKHM, KKSK TANNING Company stock : 20,000 pairs of shoes One pair of shoes cost : Rs.

1000 Contact : Kaleem Ahmed Phone : +251118693110 Email : [email protected] Chairperson of the company is Mr.Rafeeque Mecca started his career in 1963 under the supervision of Late Haji Mecca Abdul Majid Sahib and took over full control of the business after his father’s termination in 1965. Under his supervision, Farida has full-grown from a tannery to many shoemaking divisions.

He was instrumental in diversifying the business by starting upper making factories in late 1960s and then establish full shoe making factories in 1980s. He became chairman of the group in the year 1996. He is illustrious figure in the industry and he has held various important positions in the different industrial associations in the country.Affiliations:He was awarded the Padma Shri, the fourth highest civilian Award of Republic of India in 2011 for his achievement in Trade and Commerce.

President-Southern India Chamber of Commerce and Industry.President-All India Hides and Skin Tanners and Merchants Association, a 95 years old organization-1999 till date.Member-Research Council of Central Leather Research Institute-2004 till date.

Member-Board of foreign Trade.M/s Farida Shoes Private Limited D-UNIT has a good market for their product in India and aboard because of the quality and the reasonable price of the product. The company gives high priority to the quality of the product. They assure the quality of the product through the continuous quality checking in each and every stages of the production process. The company manufacture of footwear, they focus mainly on production process of the organization. The function of the production department is to produce our products on time, to the required quality levels, at the defined product cost.

The advantage of the company is the implementing some technology used for the injection Moulding process. Moulding process is the important process of manufacturing of quality footwear. This will help the company to assure high quality with correct size and finish to the product.

Of main concern to the production manager is monthly output. Production mangers have monthly targets which they are excepted to do their best to exceed.The production department of M/s. FARIDA SHOES PRIVATE LIMITED D-UNIT comprises of well experienced staff members staring from functional head, head of the department, coordinator, supervisors, shift engineers, machine operators, pouring men and workers. Production department also aims at maintaining the quality of the products been produced. Every employee is expected to take responsibility for managing quality issues in order to make sure that waste is minimized and quality maximized.

Quality checking and guarantee is carried out every day on a number of times to ensure that the production process is working efficiently and effectively.The company use different machines to produce footwear’s. The machines are supplied by FARIDA SHOES PRIVATE LIMITED A-UNIT. The company purchase footwear leather from FARID TANNERY. This will help to company to accurse high quality finished product.M/s FARIDA SHOES PVT. LTD. D-UNIT has succeeded in withstanding stiff competition from the their competitors because of the superior quality of their products at reasonable priceProduction department also perform one more function other than production and quality checking, that is PACKING of finished products into boxes.

A set of workers are assigned to pack finished product into specified boxes according to their names and size. Before packing, quality is again checked by the workers. After packing all these boxes are sent to stock room for storing so that it can be send to suppliers according to the order place.

ABOUT COMPETITORS: FARIDA GROUPS has two competitors. They areKKSK TANNINGEKHMKKSK TANNING:KKSK Tanning is a manufacturer and exporter of cow and calf finished leather.KKSK Tanning is a private company. The CEO of KKSK Tanning is KKSK RAFIQ.KKSK Tanning is founded in June 1982.The Headquarters of KKSK Tanning in Erode.KKSK Tanning’s top competitor is FARIDA GROUP, led by MR.RAFEEQU AHMED MECCA, who is their chairman and CEO.

The revenue of the KKSK Tanning is $16.3 M.FEATURES OF THE PRODUCT:Quality worth for the cash spent onLong and DurableLengthened layers for comfortLight and washableProvide sweat absorbing solesQuality Worth for the Cash Spent On: Price of Farida shoes starts from Rs.1000 onwards. These shoes are very attractively designed. The purchase is worth of quality.Long and Durable: Farida shoes are actually meant for longevity. They are naturally manufactured for the hardest meanders.

Due to its longevity and durability Farida shoes are chosen by those who don’t believe in frequent changing of shoes.Lengthened layers for comfort: Farida shoes also offer the customers with expanded/amplified layers in the shoes in order to provide much more comfort than other shoes.Light and washable: Farida shoes are very light in weight and easy to wash.Provide sweat absorbing soles: Provision are Air flow and sweat absorbing soles adds value to our shoes.SWOT ANALYSIS OF FARIDA’S’ (Strength) of FaridaSome are the strength of the Farida shoe company:Having good brand image among the customers of northern India and abroad.Having good market on kids and men’s footwear products.

Easy availability of low cost of labor.Availability of raw materials and other inputs are comfortable.Management is very constant, that forms strong base of the company.

Workers are being provided with all necessary welfare facilities.Well-equipped quality control department for inspecting the quality of incoming of raw materials and final products.Use of new technology ‘W’ (Weakness) of FaridaSome are the weakness of the Farida shoe company:Limited number of supplies.Lack of Human Resource.Having less market on ladies footwear.Not concentrating in Research and Development. Their policies are highly stiffO’ (Opportunities) of FaridaSome are the opportunities of the Farida shoe company:Can make new type of footwear products based on transfer printing as it is a new concept.

Try to hit school footwear products as less footwear companies are engage in it.Can use Rubber-based soles as they high demand in current marketsThey can expand their market in sports footwear.’T ‘(Threats) of FaridaSome are the threats of the Farida shoe company:Local companies can affect the market of Farida shoes.Technology improvement at a faster rate.Need to diversify their range of products.

Need to focus on teenage age group market. BASIC POLICY FOLLOWED BY THE COMPANY:1. Environment Safety ; Health PolicyAt FARIDA, utmost attention is given for the Environment and Occupational Health ; Safety in all our activities.

They committed to protect the environment and health ; safety of the employees and interest parties by,a. Establishing, implementing and maintaining documented EHS Management System.b. Complying with all relevant environmental, occupational health and safety legislation and regulation.

c. Conserving ; optimizing the usage of resource like power, water and fossil fuels. d.

Continually improving environmental performance by setting objectives and targets to prevent or reduce pollution and waste.e. Continually improving occupational health ; safety performance by setting objectives and targets to prevent accidents/incidents and occupational ill health. This policy is communicated to the employees and interested parties.2. Quality Policya.

To achieve and maintain Customer’s Delight by supplying consistent quality products on time, with continual improvement and involvement of all employee.b. To update quality management system understood by all employees.c. To review quality objectives with achieved results for continued suitability. SOCIAL RESPONSIVENESS:As a responsible corporate cities FARIDA wilfully undertakes various developmental initiatives in and around its facilities.Farida’s initiatives broadly cover the following Health Education Environment Disaster Relief and RehabilitationRecently, Farida struggles are to focus on some of the key areas which make a long term impact on the quality of life of people in Ambur.FARIDA APPROACH Farida mostly works with its own team of helpers in designing and applying custom-made and high impact Corporate Social Responsibility projects.

The thrust in Farida’s approach is sustainability of its community initiatives, wherever particular resources is required to address a community need and Farida Partners with reputed Government or Non-Government agencies. Farida’s initiative for the community includesHEALTHEye Camp Screening / Spectacle Distribution Polio CampChildren’s clinicAmbulance serviceWater treatment plant for SchoolsClean drinking water supplyEDUCATIONEducation career guidance fairTuition centersGirl Child Rights ProgramENVIRONMENTVarious environmental responsibility practices-both inside the facilities and in the communities, these are aimed at protective the environment. Farida groups method to resource conservation is REDUCE, REUSE AND RECYCLE. Farida services operate using wind energy for most part of the year and hence confirm minor usage of fossil fuel, solid waste, green area etc. Farida followers with reputed Government or Non-Government agencies.

Green AreaSolid waste managementRenewable energyUsage of Fresh water is minimizedSolar panels for steam generationOther practices.Employee WelfareThe view point of the FARIDA is “PEOPLE FIRST”. The most important shareholders in the business are their employees. Various initiatives are in place to keep the employees very encouraged. Some are,Health care centersHealth campsHER awareness programs Nutrition supplements to expecting mothers5S PRACTICE:The 5s practice is a house-keeping method used to launch and maintain a productive and quality environment in an organization. A well-organized work place results in a harmless, more effective and more production operation.

It increases the spirits of the workers, encouraging a intelligence of self-importance in their work and ownership of their responsibilities.SEIRI – Throw away all rubbish unrelated materials in the workplace.SEITION – Set everything in proper place for quick retrieval and storage.SEISO – Clean the workplace, everything without fail.SEIKETSU – Standardizing the way of maintaining cleanliness.SHITSUKE – Practice 5’S daily, make it a way of life.

BASIS ; PRESUMPTIONThe Production is based on three shift basis of 8 hours per shift and 25 working days in a month.Shift A – 6 a.m. to 2 p.m.Shift B – 2 p.m. to 9.

45 p.m.General-9 a.m.

to 5.45 p.m.Time period for achieving full capacity consumption is 4 years.The experience employees directly allow to work in the produce a product.

The inexperience employees (new employees) will be conduct training by the training department heads.There are totally 845 employees working in the company.In shift A – 357 employeesIn shift B – 371 employeesIn General – 117 employeesThe company has been given rights to employees to select there working shift due to their family situation and own interest.Reward and Awards are given to the employees on the basis of theirs punctuality and no absentees.One pair of cost – Rs.

1000FACILITIES PROVIDED TO THE EMPLOYEES:Giving Training to the employee’s Performance appraisalEmployee welfare benefitsLong-Term benefitsPermanent job on the first dayTaking care of employee children’s DEPARTMENTS:PRODUCTION DEPARTMENT HUMAN RESOURCES DEPARTMENTFINANCE DEPARTMENTPURCHASE DEPARTMENTMAINTENANCES DEPARTMENTProduction Department: The Production Department is the process of production of full shoe. There is some process to produce the shoes.Production Unit:Upper unitCutting unitMaterial Cutting DepartmentStitching DepartmentUpper AQL Inspection Department Socks DepartmentPWL Department (Checking Department)Production HallBottom full shoe unitInjection Moulding Process unit Packing CheckingRepairing unitWarehouse DepartmentExportThe flow charts of production unit of Farida footwear.RAW MATERIALUPPER CUTTING DEPARTMENTMATERIAL CUTTING DEPARTMENTSTITCHING DEPARMENTUPPER AQL INSPECTION DEPARTMENT SOCKS DEPARTMENTPWL DEPARTMENT(CHECKING DEPARTMENT)LAB (PASTE PREPARING AND CHECKING DEPARTMENT)SHOE QUALITY CHECKING DEPARTMENTPRODUCTION HALLBOTTOM FULL SHOE UNITINJECTION MOULDING PROCESS UNITPACKINGDEPARTMENTREPAIRING DEPARTMENTCHECKING WAREHOUSEFINISHED GOODSProduction Process:The manufacturing process for production of shoe is as follows:STEP 1: StockingSTEP 2: CuttingSTEP 3: DesigningSTEP 4: StickingSTEP 5: LastingSTEP 6: PressingSTEP 7: FinishingSTEP 8: StampingSTEP 9: PackagingRAW MATRIALSTOCKINGCUTTINGDESIGNINGSTICKINGLASTINGPRESSINGFINISHINGSTAMPINGPACKINGFINISHED GOODSSTEP 1: STOCKING Stocking mostly means storing of raw materials as per the requirement of the customer which primarily consists of leather and the sole material.STEP 2: CUTTINGCutting generally consists of two types.

They are 1. Leather cutting 2. Sole cuttingLeather cutting is done physically with help of hands using a definite type of a sharp knife, whereas sole cutting is done by machines.

This is mostly because leather sheets are thin and in order to give it a exact shape and design it has to be done physically wherein the material is cut into knives, but in case of soles the soles are in the form of thick sheets of rubber or any other sole material (as per customer requirement) which requires a particular type of machine called as the sole cutting machine.STEP 3: DESIGNINGDesigning is mostly done as per the designs assumed by the designers. Designing means designing the leather which covers the whole upper feet. Designing is chiefly done by cutting the leather into definite designs and it also includes stitching of the leather in specific designs. This process doesn’t include the making of sole. After this a particular lining is applied to make the leather soft and give it strength.STEP 4: STICKING After designing, comes sticking. This generally means sticking the upper part i.

e. the leather part of the shoe to the sole of the shoe. This is done using pastes/gums.

STEP 5: LASTINGAdditionally, in the lasting process plastic moulds are taken, which are in the shape of the foot and then the upper portion of the shape and then the insole are attach together using pastes/gums and then mould is removed.STEP 6: PRESSINGAfter lasting, the shoe holding the mould is then exposed to the pressing process in which the pair of shoes is placed in a machine which presses the shoe i.e. presses the upper part of the shoe to the sole to make sure proper grip/connection.STEP 7: FINISHINGAfter the pressing, the shoes are allowed to dry for a specific time and after that the moulds are removed and finishing id done. Finishing fundamentally means brushing the shoes, polishing it using waxes, polish and lacer.STEP 8: STAMPINGThe shoe is then stamped in the name of the customer or the company name the shoe-maker. The stamping is essentially done using ink and foil paper.

STEP 9: PACKGINGIn packing, the shoe is ranked according to the different sizes packed in boxes, and the boxes are labeled using bar-codes and send out to customer.MACHINERY USED:EVA Injection Moulding MachineBlending MachinePVC MixerCooling unitCompressorsPVC Injection Moulding MachineGeneratorClickerPressing MachinePacking ConveyorStitching MachineThe company managers are directly taking the orders from the vendors. The company has very good system for the supply of the products to the vendors. They sent their products through package services, to various suppliers based on their orders to respective place and doesn’t have connection with any shops. They products reaches the hand of customers through shops, who gets it from vendors.The company manufacture the products on the source of demographic separation, As a result they produce products aiming kids, youngsters, gents and ladies at reasonable price with high quality. HUMAN RESOURCE DEPARTMENT:Human Resource Department of the organization provides the needs of both employees and workers of the organization. This resulting in a good relation between employee’s and workers.

They are well satisfied with the attitude of the management towards them and in the facilities provided to them. So there are no labor strikes. The employees are getting the statutory benefits like Bonus, ESI scheme, Employees Provident Fund, Festival Holiday Allowances from the company. Department heads also make visits to quarters were workers are staying in order to ensure cleanliness in their surroundings.

HR department maintain a help desk in order to redress grievance of the workers and answer to their queries.HR RESPONSIBLE:Recruitment SelectionTrainingTransfer processPayroll processingPerformance AppraisalRECRUITMENT: Recruitment refers to the process of attracting, screening, and selecting qualified people for a job at an organization or firm. In this company, they recruit the labor who have poor and need job for their basis needs.

The basic concept of recruiting the labor is to stand in their own leg and have to fulfill their own needs.SELECTION: Select the employees with proper skill or experience. The manager will communicate with the labor and collect their personal details.

Then the manager decide whether they have to select are not.TRAINING: The company provides excellent training programs for the employees to improve the skills and productivity with in a lesser time.They also give awareness class related to cleanliness, health and safety.TRANSFER PROCESS: HR manager will monitor the employee’s performance in the company. If any other plant is started means the persons transfer that plant.PAYROLL PROCESS: Payroll process is carried out by the company own software.PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL: Performance Appraisal is given by the company based on work and attitude of the employee.

FUNCTINAL AREA OF HRM:Human resource auditingHuman resource strategic planningHuman resource planningManpower planningRecruitment/selectionInductionOrientationTrainingManagement developmentCompensation developmentPerformance appraisalsPerformance managementCareer planning / developmentCoachingCounseling’sStaff amenities planningEvent managementSuccession planningTalent managementSafety managementStaff communicationRewardACTIVITIES PERFORMED Application FillingMaintaining the documentsSending and checking received mails.Bill checkingAttending the phone callsData EntryMaintaining good relationship with employee’sReportingConduct welfare meetingMonitoring all the departmentsContinuous checking whether the labors following the rules.Keeping and recording the leave and attendance detailsSALARY DETAILSThe basis salary is Rs.6500.The experience employees will get Rs.8000 to 9000.The manager will get 12000.

The company will give bonus, ESI scheme, employee’s provident fund, festival holiday allowances, gifts etc.Bonus-18% is given yearly once.WELFARE MEASURES: Employee welfare refers “the efforts to make life worth living for workers”.According to Todd “Employee welfare means anything done for the comfort and improvement, intellectual or social, of the employees over and above the wages paid which is not a necessity of the industry”.COMMITTEESGrievance Redress committee Grievance redress means that an officer or superiors who deal grievance resolution problems or complaints of the labour’s.

In this company the grievance redress committee having seven or eight members in the committee and discuss about the problems of the employees. After discussing they find the solution for that problems and ask to implement the process to solve the problems before next grievance redress committee meeting.Health ; Safety committee Health and safety committee is to afford an environment for organization and workers together to identify and resolve health and safety problems, and to develop and monitor safe system and procedure.Prevention of Sexual Harassment committee Prohibition of sexual harassment is that seeks to safeguard women from sexual harassment at their place of work. In Farida company mainly give preference to this and given much respect and safety to them.Workers committee “A worker’s committee is essentially a committee created and elected by the workers to represent themselves in discussion or negotiation with members of organization.” Canteen committee “Canteen committee is responsible for checking the operations of the canteen and applying and reviewing the canteen policy.

They might also be responsible for particular decisions as specified in the canteen policy, such as employing staff, authorising major purchases or authorising changes in the menu.”Fire drill Fire drill is a training conducted to the employee about the emergency procedures to be used in case of fire accident. This training is given by the company in two ways, they are:Internal drill Internal drill training occurs two month once in a year.External drill External drill training occurs six month once in a year.First aid First aid is an emergency care or treatment given to an ill or injured person before regular medical aid can be attained by the company.

PFT Test PFT Test is means pulmonary function test which means measuring or testing how well the lungs are working and this test is conducted by the company at six months once in a year.Audiology Test Audiology test is measuring or testing ears how well the hearing are working and this test is test externally at three months once in a year.Eye camp Eye camp is conducted by the company which is usually away from the urban areas and test eyes for the people with free of cost. This has be conducted at six months once in a year. Contact meeting Contact meeting is the interaction between the managers and labor.

Here the labors can share their problems personally to the managers and this was done monthly once. Gate meeting Gate meeting is conducted in the company at the gate with all employees and discuss about their company growth and future plan.Family day Family day is celebrated by the company, which their select ten labour family and conduct some games to them and gives gifts.Home visit Home visit is visiting the labours home by the managers.FINANCE DEPARTMENT:Finance is life blood of every organization. It deals with obtaining of funds and their effective utilization in the business. Department has one department head, one senior executive and four junior executive.

Their functions mainly include checking daily cash accounts, MIS preparation, bank reconciliation, central excise and export related works, finalization of account statement etc. The section handles all the financial aspects of the firm. All transactions are handled through computerized transactions. M/s. FARIDA SHOES PVT LTD D-UNIT is financially stable and had got CRISIL A+ rating. Materials department of the organization place order according to need of material that’s used for production.

Company follows EOQ system. Whenever they find that it has reached reorder level or safety stock, order is placed.Functions of finance department: Panning, controlling, rising and administration of funds used in the business.Maintaining liquidity and profitability.

To meet day to day expenses.To maintain the inventories.THE PRESENT BOARD OF DIRECTORS:Mr. Rafeeque Ahmed Mecca (Chairperson)Mr. Irshad Ahmed Mecca (Managing Director)Mr.


On the other hand, as the development of strategic planning and the arrival of just-in-time purchasing made purchasing a more vital business function. Purchasing department has taken on a large and more important business role.Farida is using its raw materials from his different suppliers. Some of the suppliers ate local. The Company use different machines to produce footwear’s. The machines are supplied by FARIDA SHOES PRIVATE LIMITED A-UNIT. The company purchase footwear leather from FARID TANNERY.

This will help to company to accurse high quality finished product. Along with their own production, they also farm out for some of their products. They are keeping a check on the quality of the products from outsourcing. Per month the purchase will carried out 20 times on the bases of needs.The raw material coming from their suppliers are stored in the warehouses.

These raw material are then moved to the production area, and where the production is being done and the finished goods are moved towards warehouse again for storage after proper quality inspection. They are their own distributers and they have their own stores.Product Presentation: All the items are clearly marked with the price, size and description of the materials used to make the product, thus saving the time and making the choice easier. The purchase should be guaranteed. The company have the guarantee to replace the purchased item if it is still undamaged and go along with by the till receipt.MAINTAINANCE DEPARTMENT:A formal definition of maintenance is “that function of manufacturing management that is concerned with day to day problem of keeping the physical plant in good operating condition”In Farida, the maintenance department will be continuous maintaining the machine in weekly once. Only heating machine will be maintained daily.

In case of sudden breakdown of the machine the SPC members are called to check and repair it. OBJECTIVES:Minimize loss of productive time.Minimize repair time and cost.Keep productive assets in working condition.Minimize accidents.Minimize total maintenance cost.

Improve quality of products.SUCCESS FACTORS OF THE FIRMThe key factors which contributes to the success of the firm which make Farida Group the India’s largest manufactures of footwear are detailed below. New Technologies:The main advantage of company is implementation of new technology used for injection moulding. The company purchases footwear leathers from their own tannery i.

e. FARIDA TANNERY. This will help the company to assure high quality with accurate size and finish to the product. Good Employer-Employee Relations:The company always maintains good employee-employer relations. The employees are well satisfied with the attitude of the management towards them and facilities provided to them. So there is no strike.

Quality of the Product: The company has succeeded in withstanding the stiff competition from the competing manufactures because of the superior quality of the products at reasonable prices.LEARNING EXPERIENCE: The learning experience gained by me during the SUMMER INTERNSHIP was very much practical oriented. Mostly all the concepts and theories, which I studied in the class, are applicable practically. I had a great time working on the project, as it gives insights into the working environment of an organization. The training has exposed me to many facts of on organization and also helped me to gain practical knowledge, which will go a long way in the horizon of our career.

I became more aware of the shoe industry and the role played by FARIDA SHOES PRIVATE LIMTED D-UNIT.I got to know how decisions are communicated, the flow of decision process. The way in which departments are classified on the basis of their functioning. The functions of each departments and its relevance.Through skills, how the training needs are satisfied to the employees of different grades.I also got to know how the production process happened and worked out.I learnt that how to manage the employees in the organization.

I found how the problems are arise by the employees and how the management solving that problems.Overall the learning experience was quite satisfactory which enable me to experience a slice of the real and ruthless company.CONCLUSIONIn this chapter, Profile of FARIDA group and M/s. FARIDA SHOES PVT LTD D-UNIT. The mission, Vision and Motto, functioning of various departments such as Production, Finance and Human Resource Department was described. The detailed are list of Board of Directors were included in this chapter. Finally, the key success factors which made FARIDA group the largest manufactures of footwear’s in India were


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