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Last updated: April 21, 2019

Facts about Alaska
1. Alaska is the northernmost state of the United States.
2. Alaska is the largest state in the United States and contains one-fifth of the entire land area of the United States.
3. The capital of Alaska, Juneau, can be accessed only by sea or by air; it is the only capital of the US state without land communication.
4. The discovery and development of Alaska belong to the Russian people.
5. Alaska was discovered in 1732 by an expedition of seafarers, headed by under-navigator Ivan Fedorov and geodesist Mikhail Gvozdev on the ship “Gabriel”
6. It was sold by Russian in 7.2 million dollars but Russian rulers regretted later when gold deposits were found in Alaska.
7. The distance between the extreme points of Russia and Alaska does not exceed 3.5 km!
8. Alaska has more than three million lakes, about three thousand rivers, one hundred thousand glaciers and about seventy active volcanoes.
9. One third of Alaska is in the Arctic Circle. It’s very cold in Alaska.
10. The lowest temperature was recorded -62.2 degree Celsius in 1971.
11. In one of the cities in Alaska, the mayor for more than fifteen years was a cat.
12. In spite of the fact that bears are allowed to hunt, it is forbidden to wake sleeping bears in order to photograph them.
13. The flag of Alaska was invented by a thirteen-year-old boy who took part in the competition for the best state flag and won.
14. Golden stars on the blue flag of Alaska represent the constellation of the Big Dipper and the North Star, which enters the constellation of the Little Ursa.
15. Earthquake is very common in Alaska. The second strongest in the history of the earthquake occurred here, in 1964.
16. The 1964 earthquake was so powerful it was even heard in Africa.
17. The highest tsunami in the world was recorded in 1958 in Alaska, when the glacier hit the lake, causing a wave more than half a kilometer in height.
18. Alaska is considered the richest state of the United States.
19. The population of Alaska speaks 22 different dialects.
20. Alaska has a pizza restaurant that delivers pizza on airplane.
21. There is a variety of frogs in Alaska that freezes in winter, the heartbeat stops, and the frog doesn’t breathe. But as soon as spring arrives frog return to the normal condition.
22. In Alaska, there is only one railroad that connects the cities of Seward and Fairbanks. But it’s special: a passenger can take a train from anywhere. All you have to do is show white scarf or handkerchief.
23. The coast of Alaska goes to three different water bodies – the Arctic Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean and the Bering Sea.
24. Alaska has about a fifth of all US oil reserves.
25. English and 20 other indigenous languages are official language of Alaska.


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