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Last updated: April 7, 2019

Factors that you need to take into account when assessing a young person are Confidentiality is paramount ,To carry out an assessment/observation you must have parents/carers permission while carrying out the assessment/observation any paperwork or documentation must not be left out for others to read it must be kept in a locked cabinet. This confidentially can only be broken when a child is at real risk. When carrying out observations you must take account of the child’s wishes and feelings it also helps if you carry out the assessment in a location where the child feels comfortable and if the young becomes upset or wants you to stop then you must stop.

Also linguistic cultural and Ethnic backgrounds must be taken into account when we assess a young person as this can play an important role in how the young person acts and behaves and the understanding of the words and sentences being said. When a young person has a Disability specific requirements need to be taken in account when carrying out any assessment maybe the young person may need to have some one available to them to help them understand what is being said during the observation as if they do not understand the assessment may become unreliable. Information needs to be reliable and accurate if the information is not accurate this can harm the young persons development .With observation we must understand the limitations of each type of observation method. Avoiding bias when observing children we must remain completely objective also having 2 people observing the child at the same time can produce a more accurate account.

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