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Last updated: April 9, 2019

FACTORS POSING VARIOUS CHALLANGES1. Employee concerns: White employees have a feeling that the diversity program is having an effect on the quality of work.2. Friction amongst race relations leading to complaints.3. Bad attitude: Employees became more aggressive and furious which affected the productivity of business.

4. Retaliation: the fear of being called racist amongst the employees5. Resistance of senior managers: The senior managers did not want a cultural shift which made it difficult to bring a change in the existing diversified culture.6. Execution: networking amongst various diverse groups was a good idea but the execution was not done properly.CRITICAL FACTORS1. Networks: the most important factor that posed a challenge was an improper execution.

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The diversity program could have helped in expressing feelings but instead they become defenders due to difference of perception and opinion.2. Employees: Employees wanted a feeling of belongingness, equal and fair treatment, and a sense of contribution.3. Stereotyping: Any constructive feedback could lead to employees taking it as a criticism and feeling offended.


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