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Last updated: February 5, 2019

Expressive and persuasive discoveries can be aggravated by need, wonder or curiosity, and eventually, transform the individual’s insight of both their identity and the wider world. Throughout the development of discovery, the individual is frequently confronted with new perspectives and understandings of rigid values and beliefs, and so they are compelled to opinionate their lives and civilization in a dissimilar light. The ability to be modified through new aspects of discoveries was portrayed through Robert Gray’s poetry, which divulges discoveries that result from curiosity and wonder that have a transformative impression on the speaker.

In Robert Gray’s poem, ‘Late ferry’ the protagonist’s motives for his wonder for the appealing brightness of development in Sydney Harbor has contributed in a huge part of his alteration. Consequently, through his sense of wonder, he finds that the illuminations are mentally meaningless therefore enhances a stronger knowledge of himself by seeing peace in the plainness of life. This was shown through the alliteration that refers to the remarkable appearance of the bridge, “A Busby Berkely spectacular// with thousands in frenzied, far-off”. The alliteration indirectly highlights the miniscule figure of the ferry, striding its way into a larger than life spectacular. Similarly, ‘Flames and dangling wire’ undergoes a personal interest as he travels through the process of a rubbish dump and discovers the consequences of modern consumerism. As the title ‘Flames and Dangling Wire’ is ominous that conveys an inexplicable sense of chaos and destruction, a post-apocalyptic environment. Another poem written by Gray is “Diptych”; the title is described as a painting that incorporates two distinct panels that are connected together in some way. It has constructed an individual subjective memories defines the wonder of the poet, who discovers that his parent’s personality’s inherent differences. These poems have effectively constructed the ideas of transformation through need, wonder or curiosity.

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