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Last updated: August 10, 2019

Explorers, or boys messing about?Paragraph One:P- The writer uses a sardonic tone to humiliate the explorersE- ‘Mr Smith, also known as Q’E- The ironic James Bond reference (Q) is used to tarnish our view of the men, depicting them as overgrown children pretending to be in an adventure. Suggests that they are silly explorers living in a fantasy world, like children pretending to be charactersParagraph Two:P- Steven Morris emphasises how childish the explorers are by shaming them at the start of the articleE- ‘their last expedition ended in farce’ E- The use of the word ‘farce’ creates the idea of ridiculous and foolishly amusing behaviour, which seems uncaring in an article based on something serious. Indicates the writers scorn and makes the reader form an impression that the explorers and disorganised and behave ridiculouslyParagraph Three:P- He uses facts and statistics throughout the article, to make it seem more believable and to embarrass themE- ‘Mr Brooks, 42, and 40 year old Mr Smith’E- Further shames the explorers by specifying ages, as we would think that people at their middle ages would be more responsible and mature, however this isn’t the case. Makes the explorers seem foolish and clumsy.

Paragraph Four:P- Steven Morris expresses his negative opinion of the explorers through irony and sarcasmE- ‘trusty helicopter’ E- Uses inverted commas around the words, which makes the reader think the very opposite. Makes the explorers sound foolish, since they think their trusty single engine helicopter would get them through the expedition, but it failed.Paragraph Five:P- E-E-

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