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Last updated: May 7, 2019

EXPLAIN the symbiotic relationship of the TWO GOODS of marriage (good of the spouse and good of the children) and the THREE PROPERTIES OF MARRIAGE (indissolubility, fidelity and openness to life).   A symbiotic relationship is defined as a relationship between two people who work together and depend on each other, thus promulgating a sense of cooperation. It provides balance which can only be attained by working together. In this case, the good of the spouse and the good of the children is symbiotically related because these two goods of marriage work together to achieve balance and stability in the union between a man and a woman. The good of the spouse talks about the responsibilities that the man and the woman, as spouse, should fulfill during the early stages of building a family of their own. They must learn how to slowly build up and lay down the necessary values needed in order to make a stable and long-lasting relationship built on mutual love and trust for each other, with the guidance of our Lord.

This thus leads to the second good of marriage, which is the good of the children. Here, both the man and the woman who is now also father and mother to their child, shall be able to sustain the foundation of love they initially laid in the early stages of family building. Their commitment to each other and to the family shall be unchanging and truthful by the grce of God.

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Marriage has three properties, namely, indissolubility (bonum sacrementi), fidelity (bonum fidei), and openness to life (bonum prolis). All of these properties are observable in the matrimony. These are all essential, working collectively, in order to attain a bond that is guided and encouraged by the Lord. Indissolubility describes the unbreakable character that the bondage of marriage possess. It is symbol of God’s unchanging love for each one of us. It simply puts out that marriage is something that He created, thus it is something that we cannot dissolute for He is the Lord, the creator of everything. Fidelity is staying true to the promise you made for your other half and eternal faithfulness towards your spouse.

While openness to life is the openness of the married couple to the gift of fertility, welcoming their future child with all the love and excitement. EXPLAIN the Inseparability of the two functions of marriage (unitive function and procreative function). Show some possible impacts/effects of the separation. What are the possible practices that may follow from the attempt to over empasize one and neglect the other? The functions of marriage, namely, unitive function and procreative function, are inseparable because these two functions tackle the important purpose of marriage. In conjugal and marital love, these aspects are inherently good for the marriage and thus cannot be separated from one another. The unitive function does not simply refer to physical unity between the man and the woman, however it refers to a state of being one, of being connected with one another which leads to procreation. The procreative function refers to the willingness of the married couple to be engaged in a union which shall bring about the gift of life to their child.

Why and how is marriage considered as a living sacrament?Marriage is considered a living sacrament for it is a manifestation of God here in our world. Before we are given the breath of life, we are nothing. As we are brought to life by the Lord Almighty, we are also given the responsibilities that we must live for during our lifetime. Marriage is a visible manifestation of the invisible God, thus it is alive and one with us. It is aligned with our purpose as individuals, No matter how difficult it may seem, God purposely gave us the breath of life in order for us to meet another mundane individual he has given it to.

We are an extension of who He is. Despite of the many things that make us human, these imperfections are given to us so that we may find the one who will understand the puzzle that we actually are. With the loving guidance of God, no matter how crooked the path may be, it will lead us to a fruitful ending, becoming one with the one made for us.


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